Exploring the meaning of 444 angel number in relation to life and death

Good luck or bad luck? There is a lot of debate with regards to the power of the angel number 444.

But as an angel number, what does 444 mean?

If you’ve seen this angel number around you recently, I’m sure you have a lot of questions.

So, without further ado, let’s explore the 10 possible meanings of 444. And what is it trying to tell you in relation to life and death?

444 and the departed

1) You are about to lose a loved one

If there is someone in your life who is really old or has been sick for a long time now, then seeing 444 can be a bad omen.

It means that any minute now, your loved one is about to cross to the afterlife.

This is a very hard concept to grasp. Death has always been a topic that is considered taboo in a lot of cultures.

That is why for some East Asian countries like China, Japan, and Taiwan, the number 4 is considered bad luck. In their languages, the number 4 sounds awfully similar to the word for “death.”

But it’s a very natural thing in nature. People are born. We live. And inevitably, we all die.

It’s a sad reality, but a reality nonetheless.

Here’s the thing, though: If you see the number 444 around someone close to you, and that person is old or terribly sick, then there is a message here that you need to understand:

The universe wants you to know that life is fleeting.

Another thing you should remember: In death, there is pain. But that pain only means you’ve had wonderful experiences and memories with your departed loved one.

And although it’s time for them to go, the fact that you are seeing an angel number means your loved one is going to be with the angels above.

2) You are being comforted by the departed

When you see 444 while you are grieving for a loved one, then that means they are currently close to you.

Now: You don’t have to freak out about this. The spirits of your loved ones are not back to haunt you.

Instead, they’re here to bring you some semblance of comfort.

They have been allowed by their guardian angels to reach out to you. This is so that they can tell you, “I’m doing well here.”

And that you should not let your grief bring you down.

The number 444 is a message indicating that the soul of the departed person has now found peace.

You have nothing to worry about. You have nothing to be sad about.

You are now allowed to feel lighter about their death. Because they’re in a better place now.

This is especially true a few days to weeks after the loved one has died.

Moving on doesn’t mean you are going to forget them.

It only means you are ready to get going with your life. And your loved one will cheer you on wherever they are.

3) The spirit of your departed loved one wants you to keep their memories fresh

As time goes by, it’s inevitable that we lose the grief we feel for losing a loved one.

But for some people, losing grief also means forgetting about the departed.

Sometimes, that is what seeing 444 means.

When you’re going about your day and you feel heavy all of a sudden, then you see this angel number, it only means one thing.

Your friend, your parents, or someone you once knew wants you to keep their memories fresh.

They are asking you to remember them, in one way or another.

This symbol won’t pop up out of nowhere, of course. So ask yourself why the spirit of the departed is trying to reach out to you this way.

Have you forgotten their death anniversary or their birthday? Did you forget the lessons they taught you while you were growing up?

Have you been feeling distant from your family recently? Have you taken time to visit their graves in the last couple of years?

If so, then maybe it’s time to catch up with these people.

You can do that by speaking to them in your mind, or maybe taking some time alone to talk to them. You can write about their story and let others read it. Or maybe you can pass on their lesson to others.

Keep their memories alive. By doing this, you’re also making sure that when the time comes, the people you hold dear will do the same for you.

4) You are receiving unconditional love from all your departed loved ones

If you saw the number 444 while you’re struggling with loneliness, then this is what it means:

The departed are trying to tell you that you are still loved.

They want to let you know that you are not really alone, because there is always someone watching over you.

The spirits of your loved ones know what you are going through. So do your guardian angels.

It is even possible that both your deceased family and friends, and your angels are all sending you this symbol!

They are telling you that the physical plane of existence is not all there is.

You can tell that this is what’s happening when you get a quick shiver and a warm feeling as you cry. That is them tapping your shoulder or giving you a reassuring hug.

So when this happens to you, do not forget to utter a “Thank you.” Or maybe light a candle or incense in appreciation of these people sending you waves of love.

The universe keeps these channels of communication open so that we know that there is more to life than existence.

And when we feel lonely, we are actually not truly alone.

444 and guardian angels

5) Your guardian angel is making sure you are secured and protected

When you see the number 444 in a time of great uncertainty, then it means your guardian angel is nearby.

The number 4 is the number of angels. And with each repetition of the number, you are being told how close your angel is to you.

This number may appear during a time when you feel exposed and lost. Like maybe when you lost the love of your life, or when you start living independently. Or even when you are trying to make leaps of faith with your career.

Your angel wants you to know that despite how it feels, you are actually secured and protected.

All you need to do is put your faith into your angel’s power. And they will do the rest.

This protection may either be visible or invisible.

It is visible through the people they lead your way in order to make you feel more secure. It can also be seen in the opportunities you chance upon once you choose to take risks.

Meanwhile, invisible manifestations of protection include the safety you get when walking down an empty street. Or maybe when you miss the bus only to find out a bad thing happened to it, and you’d be affected had you hopped on in time.

This can be one of the reasons why 444 is viewed as a bad omen.

It’s because when we see the number, it’s usually following a tragic event we were saved from.

6) You are being told by your angels to change direction

444 is also a number that symbolizes great shifts and changes.

This is because 4 is the number of cardinal directions there are: North, South, East, and West.

So when you see the angel number, it’s possible that you are being warned about the direction you initially had in mind.

In fact, more often than not, your angels are telling you to change directions completely!

This change in direction can be physical– like moving to a new home, a new neighborhood, a new town, or a new country. It can be a warning to change direction while walking or driving.

But this change in direction can also be more abstract. Consider: leaving your current job, changing career paths, breaking up with a toxic partner, or choosing a different solution to a problem.

We all fear change. It is something we as humans all have in common.

That is why we created settlements, in order to feel more rooted in our present lives.

But change is neither a positive or negative energy.

It is nothing but a phenomenon that keeps us growing.

So when your angel warns you to change direction, it is safest and smartest to listen.

444 as reminders about life

7) A reminder to take care of your health

When someone close to you has died recently, you may see the angel number 444.

This is a reminder to take care of yourself.

It’s your guardian angel making you understand the severity of what happened to your departed loved one. So they want you to be aware of the dangers of letting go of your health.

This symbol is an encouragement, more than anything.

It’s your angel saying, “Keep your body in balance.”

444 can also appear in the middle of your path to health.

Especially when you are someone who has an inherited illness, or who has suffered from a disease for a very long time.

When this is what’s happening to you, then it means you are on the right path to physical stability.

Sometimes, even emotional stability, when you’ve had your heart broken more times than is necessary.

8) A reminder to hold onto wisdom and courage while grieving

The angel number 444 is connected to two archangels: Archangel Chamuel and Archangel Jophiel.

Chamuel means “God has warmed,” which is often interpreted as divine courage.

Jophiel, on the other hand, represents the Torah and wisdom itself.

So together, the angel number 444 is a reminder to center yourself between courage and wisdom.

This reminder can appear to you in moments when you are in front of great crossroads.

You have to make a decision and that decision will inform how your life will change, moving forward.

Scenarios when this may happen include moving out of your family home, choosing between two lovers, thinking whether it’s smarter to hold on or to let go, and so on.

With the help of these two archangels, you will be equipped with the best decisions you have to make.

And ultimately, these decisions will change your life for the better.

You may not see it at first. But the improvements will reveal themselves in retrospect.

9) You are being encouraged to take risks

The angel number 444 can also tell you this: Let go of your worries and take risks.

You are being encouraged by the divine beings to drop everything keeping you down. You are more than what anyone tells you that you are.

And your angels want you to believe that.

Taking risks is something that entails a lot of fear, but also a lot of courage.

But the Universe has your back, and it always did for the longest time. You might not notice the way the Universe has guided your path, but now it’s making itself known.

So when you are shown 444, it means it is time to dive deep into the waters of the unknown.

You have nothing to worry about. Because if you receive this symbol, then it means the risk you’re going to take will let you reap so much fruit.

All you have to do is take action the moment you see the angel number.

Why? Because if you take too long, then the opportunity, and the divine current which will propel you forward, will pass you by.

And if you miss that, there is no telling when (or if) it will come back.

10) A great loss is about to happen

We are all afraid of losing things. People, pets, opportunities, memories, and so on.

And this is another reason why 444 can be interpreted as bad luck.

But loss is not always a tragedy.

In fact, loss is a necessary thing to happen if we want things to get better.

We can’t go anywhere if we bring everything along with us. Those things will only weigh us and slow us down.

So when you see 444 around you, take this into consideration: You need to let go.

There is something holding you back from doing great and wonderful things in your life. And you have to lose that thing first before anything could even happen.

Are you being weighed down by expectations from your parents? Are you being slowed down by your responsibilities to others?

Does your past heartbreak stop you from meeting someone better? Are you still grieving the loss of something you loved years and years ago?

The Universe is now telling you that these great things should now belong to the past.

The loss that will come from letting them go will be painful. It will be a lot bigger than you expect.

But you have to do it.

You have to trust that new things will come your way to make your life better.

This is the way the world works. And this is the way to maximize the blessings of the angels.

Is 444 good luck or bad luck?

444 is a symbol. It stands for change, loss, death, or balance.

These things always feel too big for any person. And maybe that’s why the symbol is often misunderstood.

But 444 is neither good nor bad. It is simply a message sent to us by the universe, the angels, or a Higher Being telling us to take a leap of faith.

We are being told to lose what needs to be lost so that we can soar.

What we have to remember is this: Whatever big thing we need to do as instructed by the Universe, we have to do it with great faith.

We also have to trust that our guardians will guide us. They will never let go of our hands as we traverse this unknown path.

It is what we make of the path that makes our luck good or bad– not the symbol.

Final words

Angel numbers have the power to communicate specific messages from the cosmos.

There is always a great design happening that is so much bigger than us. And that’s why, oftentimes, we don’t see them happening.

Think of the rotation of the earth in its axis, and its revolution around the sun. Think about the movement of the solar system in the Milky Way. Or how this galaxy is moving closer and closer to another one.

We don’t see how fast or how slow they move. But we know that these movements are true.

The same goes with the plans for our lives by the angels and the Universe.

But sometimes, they send symbols to us to keep us updated. So we know how far the progress of our lives have come.

That’s what angel numbers do for us.

So the next time you see the number 444 anywhere. Give it more trust.

It’s trying to tell you that great things are waiting ahead of you.

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