Angel number 1144 meaning: Love, twin flames & spirituality

Do you keep on seeing the number 1144?

If you do, it’s because your guardian angels are sending you a message. They can only communicate with us through numbers (and other symbols).

In this article, I’ve narrowed down exactly what angel number 1144 means for love, twin flames, spirituality, and more.

1144 is a great number to be seeing, and I think you’ll be surprised by what it really means for you.

Let’s start!

What does angel number 1144 mean?

Angel number 1144 keeps on appearing in your life because your angels have a message for you.

First, they want you to set clear goals. And, should push come to shove, they’re reminding you NOT to give up easily.

Even if you don’t see the wonderful results yet, you need to accept the challenges in front of you. They’re asking you to have a little more patience – and work doubly hard.

In some cases, 1144 suggests a new approach might be needed to succeed. That’s why your angel wants you to focus on your individuality and independence.

1144 is also a reminder to keep your promises to yourself – and that of others, too.

I’m going to break down all these meanings in more detail below.

The spiritual meaning of angel number 1144

But first, let’s look at what angel number 1144 means spiritually. It carries with it 3 specific spiritual meanings:


The energy of this number makes you able to receive clearer messages.

This inexplicable feeling can help you figure out the meaning of various events and messages that are seemingly indecipherable. In some cases, they may even pass as coincidences.

1144 is a nudge for you to pay attention to what goes through your mind. This guidance may come as an idea.


Another spiritual meaning of 1144 is to share your wisdom – and guide others.

According to this number, you have a duty to inspire others and bring positive energy to their lives. Your responsibility and divine life purpose is to show the light to humanity.

Divine assistance

In case you’re not satisfied with how things are going in your life, number 1144 reminds you to ask for guidance. Your angels are ready to help you, all you got to do is ask!

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What does 1144 mean for love and relationships?

See, when synchronicities occur in your life, it’s because you’re not alone. No human being has the ability to send you messages through numbers, only your angels.

So whenever you pick up the number 1144, worry not for it means you won’t be alone. In fact, it has nothing but good news for lovers!

Do you have a crush on someone?

You’ve been asking the same person out for a while now, but they always say no. If you really like them, then you should get creative about your approach!

You shouldn’t give up on this person, especially not now. 1144 is confirmation from your angels to explore new beginnings (in this case, the possibility of a lovely relationship.)

1144 is also a nudge for you to confess your feelings to them (if you haven’t done so yet.) Don’t let your fear of rejection hold you back because the odds are always in your favor.

At the end of the day, you need to work doubly hard (and try these 12 crucial steps to ask the universe for a specific person as well.)

Are you single and looking?

You have the chance to meet a life partner, soulmate, or even your twin flame in the future – if that’s what you want.

Relationships, in general, are favored in the presence of 1144.

Confused with who’s who? Well, here are 11 ways to know if it’s your twin flame or your soulmate.

Are you in a committed relationship?

You can take your relationship to the next level, but that involves a little work, mainly from your side.

In terms of the promises you’ve made to your partner, this number reminds you to keep them. If you can’t, make sure to tell them right away.

Honesty is the best policy, after all.

Are you in an unhealthy relationship?

In essence, 1144 is a reminder that you shouldn’t hesitate to let go of toxic partners. The number 11 in 1144 is all about helping you create the best life for yourself.

Just think about this:

How can you create happy relationships with others, if you’re ignoring the most important one; the relationship you have with yourself?

You see, until you work on that one, you’ll never find the happiness you’re looking for.

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Do you want to get back together with an ex?

The numbers say that you can, even if they rejected you in the past. In fact, there are 13 spiritual ways to get your ex back for good.

Sounds too good to be true? It isn’t, because all these blessings come with a catch.

Angel number 1144 is an indication that you can get something (or someone) just by setting the right intentions.

You have to decide exactly what you want from your relationships. Even if the pessimistic side of you says you can’t do it, it’s not the case!

Whenever you find yourself on the verge of giving up, make it a point to reach within yourself. Here, you’ll find all the answers you need.

Is 1144 significant for twin flames?

Yes! As soon as you start making progress in most areas of your life, the chances of meeting (or reuniting) with your twin flame are sure to increase.

Twin flame union

Number 1144 doesn’t necessarily predict a twin flame union in the near future. However, it gives you a clue about how your relationship is going to be.

More specifically, master number 11 speaks of masculine and feminine energies that intertwine harmoniously. It speaks of a spiritual journey that can lead you to twin flame union.

Twin flame relationships

In case you are currently involved with your twin flame, the universe’s message is about progress. You need to become more pragmatic and more dedicated to the growth of your relationship.

Who knows, maybe you are on your way to twin flame ascension? That’s why you need to look out for these 15 surprising signs of twin flame ascension. 

Twin flame separation

If you are experiencing the separation phase and seeing angel number 1144, it means that you should not take no for an answer.

You are probably the Chaser in the relationship if the angels sent you this message. So if you’re noticing 1144, it means you shouldn’t give up on your twin flame.

Are you familiar with the Runner/Chaser dynamic? If not, here are 11 incredible signs of the twin flame runner chaser dynamic.

The real meaning of 1144 for soulmates

When we combine the meanings of the master number 11 and power number 44, what we get is the kind of energy capable of attracting soulmates.

If your soulmate hasn’t entered your life yet…

You can try to manifest them. Just make sure to ask the universe for the exact type of relationship you desire.

Want to know how to manifest your soulmate? Here are 16 effective tips.

Not all soulmates fall in love, so you need to decide whether you’d like your connection to be romantic or not.

If you’re already involved with your soulmate…

Seeing number 1144 is a sign for you to shake things up a little.

Stagnation may be the perfect keyword to describe your current relationship. 44 suggests that the way you two interact is a bit outdated.

Even if you are happy and don’t have relationship problems, it’s still advisable to step up your game.

Number 11 encourages you to focus on the spiritual side of your relationship. Number 44, on the other hand, is a sign for you both to try new things.

Does 1144 offer me spiritual protection?


In fact, Joanne Sacred Scribes describes the influence of the number 4 as “an indication that your angels are offering you love, support, encouragement, and inner strength.”

In other words, they are offering exactly what you need to achieve your goals.

If you take action, they are ready to support you and offer you every type of protection that you need.

But if you want to evolve spiritually, you need to find your higher purpose and get in touch with your inner self.

If you embrace them and keep a positive mindset, the angels can protect you from negative influences. However, they can’t always shield you from the karmic influence of the number 11.

Karmic influence? What does it mean? Here are 12 little known laws of Karma that will give you a clear perspective on life.

Master number 11 or the Teacher, as Hans Decoz, master numerologist, calls it, wants you to learn how to set a good example for others and inspire them.

Are you thinking about someone when you see 1144?

Take note of your thoughts whenever you see this angel number. If someone is on your mind when you see it, think about their role in your life.

Are you thinking of someone you love? Seeing 1144 means that your union is encouraged. It will evolve, as long as you take the initiative.

Is someone from work on your mind? They could play a part in your career advancement. On the other hand, they might be in dire need of your help.

To distinguish between these situations, it’s a matter of taking note of your feelings.

Do you associate the person on your mind with the success of a certain project? Or, do you feel empathetic whenever you think of them?

By figuring out what you feel, you’ll understand the angels’ message regarding this person.

Seven secret reasons you’re seeing 1144

While the above points are the main reasons you’re seeing angel number 1144, your angels want you to keep these 7 things in mind when you come across this number:

1) You should set clear goals in all areas of your life

Number 1 is always nice to see because it represents changes in your favor. At the same time, it means that you have control over these changes.

In other words, you can easily manifest the things you want.

Don’t worry, for I won’t bore you with an array of manifestation techniques. I just want you to know that you can make your dreams come true (your nightmares even!)

That’s why it’s important to make practical and optimistic plans for everything you want to achieve.

You’re already a self-reliant person, but your fears and insecurities might end up holding you back.  So if you want to reach your highest potential much faster, you should stop sabotaging yourself.

First, you need to ask yourself what you want in all areas of your life. Don’t be afraid to set high standards along the way.

Remember: 1144 comes with the transformative energy you need to accomplish your goals.

2) You should focus on your independence and individuality

Seeing the number 1144 means you’re wasting time comparing yourself to other people. It’s asking you to focus on your own person instead.

Look: the answers you are seeking are all within yourself. While you might be tempted to look for them elsewhere, you shouldn’t.

Additionally, 1144 is a reminder for you to discover how skillful you really are.

See, you’re great at communicating with other people. You inspire them easily and they want to be by your side.

Lastly, 1144 is a sign for you to explore the new sides of yourself, especially those that highlight your creativity, intuition, initiative, leadership skills, tenacity, and diligence. They are the key to finding your true life purpose.

3) You should not give up right away

Another reason that justifies the presence of 1144 in your life is that you have to keep trying.

No matter what you’re trying to do, you may encounter difficulties along the way.

Things may take longer than you expect.

However, all these impediments shouldn’t discourage you. Seeing 1144 is appearing in front of your eyes for it’s time to use a different approach.

But if we consider the meaning of power number 44, 1144 could also mean that you have to be consistent. In other words, you need to stay on your current path.

Say, you’ve been applying for a promotion, but you haven’t got it yet. If you really want it, then you shouldn’t take no for an answer.

4) You should approach things differently

Number 1144 as a whole speaks of change and stability at the same time. In a nutshell, it’s your job to find a balance.

Your intuition and inner wisdom are in the foreground, so why not use them?

Get this: you are more than capable of finding solutions to all your problems. However, sometimes you have to change your perspective to succeed.

For example, if you think you’re not good enough at your job, you should reconsider your opinion. The numbers say you are on the right path.

Even if it feels wrong to you, you shouldn’t second-guess the journey you’re taking.

Maybe it feels that way because you lack confidence. On the contrary, you may just be so stubborn that you think you could succeed on your own.

The angels want you to know that you needn’t second-guess yourself. They’re readily offering your help; you just have to ask for it.

5) You should accept challenges

One of the other meanings hidden behind number 1 is the idea of making progress and striving forward.

Listen: change is about leaving your comfort zone. It’s time you start embracing the right opportunities!

And since number 4 is full of determination, hard work, and discipline, you should count on its energy to help you pass any challenge with flying colors.

Give yourself a chance and see what happens. Don’t hesitate to ask for the angels’ help either. Number 44 is a sign that the angels are ready to support you.

6) You should not make promises you don’t keep

Seeing 1144 marks the need for you to make an effort not to mislead others.

You may not believe it, but the probability of getting a negative reaction from other people is low. They would, in fact, appreciate your honesty and your initiative to talk openly about it.

In addition, 1144 also wants you to keep the promises you made to yourself.

You need to work on the others, but you need to focus on yourself first. Your insecurities will gradually disappear if you succeed at following through with your commitments.

7) You should narrow down your circle of friends

According to BBC, “Our health choices are constantly influenced by our friends, both consciously or unconsciously.”

Angel number 1144 echoes the same sentiment. In fact, it suggests strengthening your defenses against negative thinking.

While this change should come from within, it’s not always enough. You can’t control how others influence your life, so it would be best to choose wisely.

Although this number’s energy highlights the importance of your role in other people’s lives, it also warns against it.

Unless your role is to help them on a spiritual level, you shouldn’t waste your precious time on them. Instead, you should use it for your personal development.

Listen to your intuition every time you decide. Only the right people will be a part of your life for a long time.

The biblical meaning of 1144

There is more than one reference to the number 1144 in the Bible.

For example, John 11:44 mentions the resurrection of Lazarus. The context of this happening might not be applicable to us mortals – but it’s another way of picturing a new beginning.

Leviticus 11:44, on the other hand, says “I am the Lord your God; consecrate yourselves and be holy, because I am holy.”

Number 1144 is all about finding your soul’s mission and divine life purpose. This, of course, is only possible if you focus on spiritual awakening and enlightenment.

As you see, everything is connected.

What does 1144 mean in numerology?

When numerologists analyze a number as complex as this, they take each digit into account as well as their sum.

Number 1

Number 1 stands for individuality, new opportunities, turning points. It refers to the creation of the world, as well as positivity.

If we add up all the numbers from 1144, the result we get is 1. This is called the foundation number, for it represents your guidance’s essence.

Number 11

When 1 is doubled, it becomes the master number 11. Of course, this sends a different message. It means that your spiritual awakening is the most important change that awaits you.

Number 4

Number 4 often comes to the aid of number 1. It represents pragmatism, practicality, and constructiveness in your life.

In other words, it helps keep your feet on the ground.

Loyalty, trust, and trustworthiness also resonate with number 4. This digit is also linked with seriousness and dependability.

Number 44

When 4 is doubled, angel number 44 manifests. This number resonates with hard work, solid foundations, willpower, and inner wisdom.

This master number also says that it’s time to create a reality that matches your efforts, morals, and sense of integrity.

The meanings of all numbers combined

Overall, number 1144 refers to honest and consistent work, individuality, creativity, and a positive mindset. It also has a spiritual role that enables you to help and inspire others.

When you see this number, it’s a reminder for you to step forward and connect to your intuition/higher self. The angels are ready to answer your questions. You just have to listen.

What does Doreen Virtue say about angel number 1144?

In one of her books, author and motivational speaker Doreen Virtue describes the meaning of certain angel numbers.

According to her interpretations, the meaning of 1144 is both good and bad. You have the power to turn it into an entirely positive one – or sadly, the other way around.

This is because the angels have given you the ability to make things happen with your mind. If you focus on what you fear the most, then that’s exactly what’s going to happen to you.

Conversely, if you choose to become more optimistic and self-reliant – and if you listen to your inner voice – you’ll manifest all the beauty and creativity that lies within yourself.

Virtue knows that it’s hard to have faith and hope that things will sort themselves out. That’s why she encourages you to ask for the angels’ help when you feel like giving up.

Whenever you feel alone, know that they are always by your side. They’re willing to help – as long as you think positive – and do your part.

Other angel numbers related to 1144

Angel numbers are often related. If you see 1144, there are some other numbers that you might also be noticing:

  • Angel number 1111 is closely related to 1144. Through this number, the angels are encouraging the start of new beginnings. Additionally, they want you to work on your spiritual development as well.
  • Angel number 222 signals that something new is coming your way. You are about to experience an awakening! Seeing 222 means you have all the reasons to be excited about your future.
  • Number 1222 is sent by the angels when they want you to take more care of yourself. It’s also a sign that they’re sending luck your way – so that you get back on track faster.
  • The presence of angel number 444 is a reminder that you are on the right track. In fact, the Divine is encouraging you to keep going as great things are ahead of you.
  • Similar to number 1144, Angel number 44 is a message from your spiritual team to have more faith in yourself. You shouldn’t give up for the angels are with you every step of the way.

What happens if you ignore angel numer 1144?

Even if you choose to do nothing and ignore this message, things will unfold the way they would (and should.)

But wouldn’t it be better if you go ahead and took action? You owe it to yourself to at least try something and see how it goes.

Just think about this: the 44 in 1144 strongly suggests that your guardian angels want to bring joy and happiness to your life. They’re here to assist you with anything you need, so make sure to let them in!

You keep seeing angel number 1144, now what?

Seeing this number means that you can make changes in every area of your life. These are changes that are meant to bring you one step closer to happiness.

Since you will benefit from a powerful and positive influence, it would be great to try and use it in your favor.

You can start by picturing yourself having a great day tomorrow.

After you enjoy it, think about something else you’d like. Do all these without neglecting your main goals.

Before you know it, you’ll soon embrace a balanced life – and help others achieve it too!

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