The brutal truth about what angel number 33 means for you

You know the score. No matter where you look, you keep on seeing angel number 33.

Well, it’s not for nothing.

This angel number is very powerful, especially when it comes to life, love, and everything in between.

In this article, I’m going to reveal exactly what angel number 33 really means, and why you keep seeing it.

Let’s jump right in!

What are angel numbers, anyway?

Angel numbers are symbols that hold secret messages from your guardians. You may be seeing them often in the most inconspicuous of places – your alarm clock, receipts, etc.

They may even be flooding your dreams!

Look at it this way: in as much as our angels want to speak to us, it’s sort of impossible. That’s why they’re trying to get the message across through signs such as angel numbers.

Now that you know what these sequences are all about, let’s get to this article’s main focus: the true meanings of the number 33.

What does angel number 33 mean?

In essence, angel number 33 is a message of encouragement from your angel.

If you’re facing obstacles now, it’s a sign that they’ll be over soon.

And, if you doubt whether you should start a new journey, it’s confirmation that you should.

Through number 33, your angel wants you to know that anything is possible. That’s as long as you put your heart and mind to it.

All in all, whenever you feel alone, rest assured that your angel is right behind you. They’re always there to guide and support you every step of the way.

Five reasons you keep seeing angel number 33

Specific sequences – such as angel number 33 – don’t appear without rhyme or reason. They often come with a lot of messages, such as these:

1) Anything is possible

Perhaps you feel like you don’t have the power to overcome the obstacles in front of you.

Well, 33 is a reminder from your angels that you can do everything you want to do. They want you to know that anything is possible – as long as you have faith – and of course, grit.

Whenever you feel down, 33 is a reminder to remain optimistic – always. Simply put, your angels want you to tap into your talents and skills – and use them to your advantage.

2) You need to be more self-aware

If you have been out of touch with your thoughts, feelings, and actions, 33 is a nudge for you to be more self-aware.

See, when you’re self-aware, you get to identify your strengths – as well as your weaknesses.

Better yet, it’ll be easier for you to recognize how people see you.

By being more self-aware, you can do everything you set your mind to because:

  • You can freely express your emotions
  • You’re ready to apologize
  • You can readily admit your mistakes and take criticism
  • You’ve accepted the fact that there are some things you don’t know
  • You try to look at life from varying perspectives
  • You can easily make the hard decisions
  • You’re willing to take new chances in life (more about this next)

3) It’s time for a fresh start

If you’ve been stuck in the same old cycle in life, 33 is a sign for you to start anew.

Maybe you’re tired of your dead-end job – or you’re just cruising in a relationship that doesn’t suit you.

You’re seeing this number because your angel wants you to know that it’s time to begin again.

Listen: it doesn’t matter how old you are right now. You can start anew even if you’re 40 – or 50. A lot of people have done that!

Angel number 33 is a reminder that It’s not too late to pursue your passions and ambitions.  Basically, your angel is telling you to take the plunge!

4) Your problems will soon pass

Maybe you feel like the world is against you. Fret not, for angel number 33 is a sign that your agonies will soon be over.

Challenges are part of our daily life. Believe me, for I too had my fair share of obstacles. But, no matter how difficult they may be, 33 is pushing you never to give up.

Worry not, for your angel always hears your prayer. In fact, they’re sending in comfort and healing through number 33.

The road you’ve crossed may be full of bumps, but it’ll be over soon. Before you know it, you’ll be walking through a straighter, smoother path in life.

5) Your angel is with you, always

Whenever you feel all afraid and alone, 33 is a reminder that you’re not. In fact, it’s confirmation that your angel is behind you every time, all the time.

They’re sending you 33 to tell you that you shouldn’t worry. Whatever journey you’re taking on, your angel is always there for you.

And the best part?

They’re helping you in every way, for they want you to reach the path that’s truly meant for you.

Angel number 33 and love

Angel number 33 is one of the more significant symbols when it comes to love. Its message, however, will depend on your status or relationship.

What 33 means for soulmates

A soulmate is someone with whom you have intense ‘soul’ ties. They’re not always your lover, but most of the time, they are.

In some cases, you could have a friend or teacher for a soulmate.

Whether you’re looking for your soul partner – or feel that you’re already with them – here’s what 33 wants you to do.

Don’t give up!

If you’re single, your angels want you to know that you mustn’t give up! Your soulmate is right around the corner.

That said, don’t be fooled. Like most people, you want to know for sure that they’re indeed your soulmate.

Here’s the thing:

We can spend a lot of time and emotion chasing the wrong person – finding your true soulmate isn’t easy.

But what if there was a way to know for sure?

I’ve just stumbled upon a way to do this…  a professional psychic artist who can draw a sketch of what your soulmate looks like.

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You’ll experience a deeper soul connection

If you’re in a relationship, you should be happy to see 33 – it’s a promising sign! It means you’ll have a stronger connection with your partner.

That said, it won’t happen if you don’t do a thing. If you want your lover to fall deeply in love with you, you’ll have to:

  • Make some (if not a lot of) time for them
  • Appreciate them more
  • Make some nice gestures
  • Stay away from your phone whenever you’re with them
  • Let them live their own life
  • Don’t ask them to give up an essential thing in their life
  • Argue in a healthy and mature way

Personally, I believe the most important thing is to tap into your man’s hero instinct.

When a man is made to feel needed, wanted, and respected, he’s more likely to grow madly in love with you.

And it’s as simple as knowing the right things to say to trigger his hero instinct and make him into the man he’s always wanted to be.

All of that and more is revealed in this excellent free video by James Bauer. It’s absolutely worth checking out if you’re ready to take things to the next level with your man.

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If you’re going through a rough patch…

As I’ve told you, angel number 33 is a sign that it’ll be over soon. You just need to buckle up – and work through problems along the way.

See, keeping a positive attitude is central to this thought. Always try to find the silver lining in your present hurdle. Your angel is showing you number 33, for they want you to pick something up from your situation.

What angel number 33 means for twin flames

Twin flame relationships come with a strong, undeniable connection. More often than not, they can transform into something overwhelming and consuming.

No matter what phase you are in your twin flame relationship, 33 has this to say:

You’ll meet your twin flame soon

The truth is it’s a challenge to find your twin flame. Although they’re your mirror soul, they may already be with someone else.

For starters, it’s not rare to find twin flames who are already married to someone else.

Although this is always a possibility, you mustn’t lose hope. Angel number 33, after all, is a sign that you’ll meet your twin flame soon.

It’s just a matter of opening your heart up to this beautiful connection!

Put in some work

As I’ve mentioned, twin flame relationships often get all-too consuming. In fact, some end up too overwhelmed that they end up running away from their partner.

If you’re the unlucky chaser in the dynamic, 33 is a reminder for you to put in some more work. And no, this doesn’t mean that you should chase your partner more. Instead, it’s a reminder for you to work on yourself first.

See, many twin flames separate because more growth is needed.

The runner, for example, may still be too immature to realize. They may not be ready for the Whoever you are in the relationship, 33 keeps on materializing in front of you to tell you this: you need to put in more work into your personal growth.

Why do you keep seeing 33 in your dreams?

Unlike some people, you could be seeing 33 in your dreams – instead of your alarm clock or receipts.

The cool thing is this holds another meaning – something different from what I explained above. For dreamologists, 33 in dreams is a sign that you will meet your ‘master teacher’ soon.

It’s what this master number is known for, after all.

Curious to learn more about this sequence? I’ll be discussing its numerological implications in a while.

Do note that seeing 33 in your dreams doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll meet a literal teacher. It could be any other person who could help you realize your talents – and achieve your true purpose in life.

As I’ve explained, 33 is in the horizon because your angel wants you to become more self-aware. And, with the help of a master teacher, you’ll be able to achieve this – and more.

Angel number 33’s religious meanings

Angel number 33 is often seen in the bible. More often than not, it’s linked to God’s promises to humanity.

Just take a look at these interesting events:

  • The 33rd mention of Noah’s name in the scripture is when God made him an exceptional promise.
  • The 33rd time Ibrahim was mentioned in the bible, God has promised him a son: Isaac. Interestingly enough, Abraham had Isaac at the ‘ripe’ age of 99.

Angel number 33 is also associated with judgment. According to Bible scholars:

  • Jesus died at the age of 33.
  • The final judgment (second coming of Christ) will happen in the last 3 ½ years.
  • The number 3 was mentioned 33 times in the Book of Revelation.

What does angel number 33 mean for spirituality?

When it comes to spirituality, it’s not a surprise that angel number 33 offers three profound meanings:

1) Spiritual development

Every time you see this, it’s basically your angel reminding you of your need to evolve as a person continuously.

See, 33 is a  vital sign of spiritual development. It also has strong ties to change and growth. That’s why you should view 33 as a message of encouragement from your guardian. It may not feel like it, but you’re treading the right spiritual path.

Your angel is also sending 33 to remind you that you have the power to transform your thoughts into positive vibes. Once you take full advantage of this, you’ll be able to reach greater heights.

2) Emotional exploration

Pain may have pushed you to close your heart to love. So if you’re seeing 33, it’s time to open it up – and explore your emotions more.

Listen: you’re born to love – and be loved. The heartaches your feel are not meant to bring you down. Rather, they’re meant to teach you a couple of life lessons.

So if you’re hesitant to love, 33 is a sign that you shouldn’t be afraid to tap onto your emotions. You’ll need it to foster the most important relationships in your life.

3) Innovation

The number 33 has a solid link to creativity. So if you’re seeing this, it’s a sign that your soul is full of creative and artistic prowess.

As such, your angel is encouraging you to hone these skills.

Maybe you’ve always wanted to paint or play a musical instrument. Just like your emotions, you should try to explore these talents.

Remember: 33 is a sign from the heavens that you’re more than capable of doing so!

33 in numerology

Angel number 33 is a master number known as the ‘Master Teacher.’ This name hints to the fact that it’s one of the most ‘spiritual’ sequences on the planet.

It also represents love, family, and responsibility via the number 6 (33’s root number.)

While these symbolisms are already a lot, 33 also holds other profound meanings – many thanks to these corresponding digits:

Number 3

Good things come in 3s: birth, life, and death, as well as mind, body, and soul.

In numerology, it’s a sign of curiosity, optimism, communication, and creativity.

Astrology also brings a similar message, for number 3 has been linked with Jupiter and the traits of:

  • Ambition
  • Passion
  • Wisdom
  • Luck
  • Adventure
  • Positivity

Given these traits, it’s easy to see why 33 represents fresh starts and endless possibilities.

Master Number 11

33 is the sum of two master numbers: 11 and 22. The former, which is the first of the master numbers, represents inspiration, spirit, and artistry.

It’s called the ‘Psychic Master,’ for it symbolizes the understanding of things – beyond nature’s physical limits.

As the doorway to your subconscious mind, angel number 11 is a sign that you’re an inspired, high-spirited individual.

That’s why 33 – through master number 11 – is calling you to be more aware. Not only will it help you recognize your skills and abilities, but it may also help unlock your psychic side!

Master Number 22

Angel number 22, known as the ‘Master Builder,’ is a sign that you can turn your dream into reality. That said, you need to put your heart and mind into it.

Because of its high energy, 22 is the best number for people who exude confidence, idealism, and leadership.

Considering these symbolisms, it’s easy to see why 33 means ‘anything is possible!’

What angel number 33 means for your family

Of all the angel numbers you could see, 33 holds the most significance for those you hold dear. It’s the symbol of family, after all!

According to experts, those under the influence of 33 are very family-oriented. They’ll do anything – and everything – for their kin.

It’s a ride-or-die sort of thing.

If you’re expecting (or already have a little bundle of joy), then 33 is confirmation that you’ll make a great parent!

Yes, the same goes for fur parents as well.

So don’t second-guess your decisions – they’re the right one for your kid (or pet, for that matter.)

Angel numbers related to 33

Apart from the numbers mentioned above, the sequence of 33 may occur with the following digits as well:

  • Influenced by master number 11, angel number 111 is a nudge for you to develop your full potential. It’s also a sign that you’re ready to make a difference – so take on a brand new start. Whatever you do, make sure to take hold of all the opportunities coming your way!
  • Angel number 333 is particularly meaningful for twin flames and soulmates. It’s a sign that you’re meant to be with your partner. But just like the number 33, it’s reminding you to work hard on yourself. Your angel doesn’t want you to give up, no matter how stormy things may get.
  • Angel number 1133 is a partnership of two master numbers: 11 and 33. So whenever you see this, it’s a probable sign that you lack courage. That said, your angel wants you to live your life, express yourself, and make your own decisions!
  • Angel number 1221 is just like 1133, for it wants you to decide right now. It’s motivating you to make some changes – and work harder than you ever did. More importantly, it wants you to remain optimistic despite the challenges along your way.
  • Twice the power of master number 22, angel number 2222 is a gentle reminder to be mindful of your thoughts. It’s high time you took a break – you deserve to have a well-balanced life, after all.
  • Angel number 3333 is very potent given its two 33s combined. In a nutshell, it’s telling you to face your fears and take the leap! Your angel also wants you to open your heart to love, for it’ll help you meet your soulmate right away.

While angel number 33 – as well as the sequences above – hold a lot of power, they’re not the only digits that can guide you.

In fact, just your name and birth date can reveal a lot about your life and the decisions you should make.
If you’d like to find out more, click here to get your own free personalized reading.

What should you do after seeing angel number 33?

Well, my advice would be for you to follow your angel’s messages. Don’t ignore them!

While nothing terrible will happen, nothing good will happen either. Just think of the opportunities that’ll pass by you.

My takeaway here is this: whenever you’re feeling down, believe that your problems will soon pass. You shouldn’t feel alone, for your angel is with you – always.

Before you know it, you’ll be having the fresh start you deserve.

Whatever you wish to do, 33 is a sign that you have the power to do anything – as long as you set your mind to it.

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