Angel number 55: What it means for love, twin flames, and soulmates

If you keep on seeing angel number 55 wherever you go, then you may be wondering what it means for your love life.

Well, you’ve come to the right place!

Here, you’ll learn:

  • What angel number 55 really means for love
  • What angel number 55 means for twin flames and soulmates.
  • The 4 messages your angels have about love

Let’s get started!

What does angel number 55 mean for love?

When it comes to love, twin flames, and soulmates, angel number 55 is all about opportunities.

Whether you’re looking for love – or trying to get out of a bad relationship – it’s a sign that you need to make a move.

That said, it also hints at a need to try new things – especially for soulmates who have been together for long. Angel number 55 is telling you that now’s the best time to scale to the next level.

What does angel number 55 mean for relationships?

If you’re in a relationship and seeing 55, then it could be a sign that you’re about to make some big life changes.

The number 55 indicates a need for you to move forward in your relationship. It could be to the next level, or taking your relationship further by moving in together.

But first, your angels are telling you that you need to solidify your relationship. Don’t get too far ahead of yourself, though – don’t start thinking about marriage or kids just yet!

Are you single and seeing 55?

If you’re single and seeing 55, then you may be thinking about getting back out there after a breakup.

Angel number 55 can indicate that you’re ready to date again and find your soulmate – but not just yet. It’s telling you first to focus on yourself and your needs.

Take time to heal and regain your confidence before you start dating again, especially if you’ve only been single for a short time. You don’t want to rush back into the dating pool until you’re whole again – or else you’ll just attract another bad relationship.

What does the future hold?

Seeing angel number 55 is a reminder to keep paying attention to our inner voice, especially when it comes to love.

Even so, love can be confusing at the best of times, especially when your situation is complicated.

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Not only can a gifted advisor tell you whether seeing 55 brings good news about love, but they can reveal all your love possibilities.

What does angel number 55 mean for twin flames?

According to astrologer Cindy McKean, a twin flame is “someone who has the same energetic vibration as you.”

A twin flame relationship is often rare, and some aren’t lucky enough to meet their mirror soul within their lifetime.

So if you’re seeing angel number 55, know that it’s good news because:

You’re about to find your twin flame

As mentioned, angel number 55 is all about giving chances.

If you’re still searching for your mirror soul, then you need to pay attention to the so-called twin flame energy.

It’s an unmistakable feeling – cosmic, intense, and life-changing.

This energy often acts as a guide, leading you two to find each other.

Once you find your twin flame, you’ll know deep within your heart that they’re your mirror soul.

You’ll feel a connection that’s instant and familiar. It’s as if you’ve known them all your life.

Apart from synchronicities and angel numbers, you’re sure to come across these signs as well:

  • An inability to stay away from this one person
  • A feeling that everything’s right where it should be
  • A sense of balance
  • Extreme emotions here and there
  • Psychic confirmation

Twin flame separation

Angel number 55 also symbolizes a change for the better.

If you’re amid twin flame separation stages, number 55 is a sign that you’re about to enter a new chapter soon.

And yes, everything’s going to be better than before.

For example, you may be in the painful runner/chaser stage.

Your angel is asking you to prepare for the next phase, which is aptly known as ‘surrender.’

Simply put, surrendering is all about:

Remember, once you complete the stage of surrender – you’ll enter the best phase in your relationship: the long-awaited twin flame reunion.

Respect your twin flame’s decision

Maybe the relationship got too hot and heavy for your twin flame, so they decided to run away. Of course, you may be doing everything you can to chase them back.

The sad news is if they’re not ready to reunite, there’s virtually nothing you could do.

Instead, it would help if you respected their decision.

Think of the whole pay it forward idea: “if you want respect, show respect.”

As psychologist Dr. Daniel Marston puts it:

“If you show positive behaviors towards other people, then there is a strong likelihood they will show the same behaviors towards others.”

Love. Need answers?

It’s also possible that seeing angel number 55 is a sign you should speak with an impartial third party about where your love life is going.

I mentioned Psychic Source above. A love reading from them changed everything for me, and revealed who I was really meant to be with.

While you could try to solve all your problems on your own, a gifted advisor is a great option when you need answers right now.

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What does 55 symbolize about your soulmate?

Soulmates go by a lot of things. For some, it’s the perfect match – the person that will make your love (and married) life peaceful.

For author Suzana E. Flores, a soulmate is a “person who appears in your life to teach you an important lesson.”

No matter how you define soulmates, seeing angel number 55 will point you to these two meanings:

You’ll meet your soulmate soon

If you’re still searching for your soulmate, 55 is a sign that you’ll meet them soon.

As for your part, you need to get out of your shell and meet other people.

Opportunities await, as I’ve said.

Being stuck with your old habits essentially stops you from finding a partner, after all.

As mentioned, angel number 55 is also about letting go of the past.

It’s all about trying new things.

Who knows? Signing up for a cooking class or going hiking may end up bringing you closer to your soulmate.

Once you do find them, you’ll definitely see/experience these other signs:

  • Brimming self-love
  • Purpose in life
  • New opportunities
  • A sense of balance
  • Romantic dreams
  • Intuition/gut feeling
  • Deja vu

Proceed to the next step

If you’ve finally found your soulmate, number 55 may be the sign you’ve been waiting for patiently.

If you’re ready to take everything to the next level, know that your angel is giving you the green light.

As mentioned, number 55 is a sign that opportunities await. Whether it’s getting married or starting a family, the time is ripe for you both.

Seeing 55? Your angels have 4 messages about love

Wondering why the number 55 keeps on popping up wherever you look?

Well, it’s your angel trying to get your attention, for they want to tell you about these things:

1) Let go of the past

Angel number 55 is a reminder for you to let go of everything that’s holding you down.

Maybe you’ve ended up on bad terms with your ex, and they’re being mean to you.

Instead of holding a grudge, it’s time to ‘let go and let God’ instead.

As psychotherapist Ilene Strauss Cohen, Ph.D. puts it:

“Holding on to pain doesn’t fix anything. Replaying the past over and over again doesn’t change it, and wishing things were different doesn’t make it so.”

Instead of ruminating and overthinking, the Barry University professor suggests doing the following:

  • Understand that your current situation will always be different from the one you thought it’d be.
  • Don’t be super invested in the outcome, for it often leads to disappointment.
  • Don’t dwell on self-limiting beliefs.
  • You can’t control others. You can only control yourself and how you act.
  • Only think of what you think about yourself.
  • Don’t be hesitant to make room for mistakes.
  • Don’t take yourself too seriously.
  • Explore and do something that scares you.
  • Let yourself feel emotions, no matter how negative they may be.
  • Learn to forgive.

2) Opportunities await

Do you see an opportunity on the horizon – be it love, career, or anything else?

Well, number 55 is your angel’s way of telling you to take hold of it!

Sure, there are always risks involved.

It’s good to calculate them, but they may leave you paralyzed in fear instead.

According to leadership coach Dr. Laurence J. Stybel, the best way to seize opportunities is to focus on things with which you’re grateful.

Don’t focus on those that make you unhappy.

Likewise, it would help if you didn’t let negative thoughts dominate you. You may end up thinking of them from time to time, but don’t dwell on them for long.

Remember, what’s bad now (be it your relationship or otherwise) won’t be bad forever.

3) Try new things

Maybe you’re in a good place in your love life.

Sure, it’s understandable why you wouldn’t want to do anything that will shake it.

While being stationary is good, it hinders progress.

It can leave you stuck and feeling unexcited about your partner (even life in general.)

So if you’re thinking of lingering even more, angel number 55 is a reminder for you to venture out.

Here are some tips to help you make a change – and try new things:

  • Write down your routines. Skip the boring ones, and keep those that make you (and/or your partner) happy.
  • Try one new thing every week. As always, start small.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for advice. If you’re confused about which path to take, consulting a psychic from Kasamba may help you out.
  • Be patient. Good things don’t happen in a minute. Always hold on to hope – good things will take place soon!

4) Live in the moment

We can’t help but look forward to the future, especially in this modern-day and age. It’s constructive at times, but it can stop us from living in the moment.

So if you keep on seeing angel number 55, it means ‘carpe diem!’

Famously uttered by the philosopher Horace, it’s a reminder for you to enjoy life while you can.

Living in the moment – also known as mindfulness – “is a state of active, open, intentional attention to the present.”

It “involves being with your thoughts as they are, neither grasping at them nor pushing them away. Instead of letting your life go by without living it, you awaken to experience.”

Not only is this good for mental health – it benefits the body as well. Mindfulness can help lower blood pressure, alleviate stress, and boost the immune system, among many others.

Other angel numbers related to love

The number 55 rarely stands alone. Your angel may also be sending other messages through these other numbers:

1) Angel number 22

Angel number 22 is something strongly linked to love.

For singles, it’s a sign that you’ll meet your soulmate or twin flame in the future. While there may not be signs pointing to this now, the wheels are already in motion.

You’re on the right track, so keep pushing forth!

Number 55 is your angel preparing you, for this love may catch you by surprise.

As for couples, the number 22 is a sign to look deep within the relationship.

Are there problems you both need to address? If there are, then angel number 22 is telling you to resolve them.

2) Angel number 44

Just like 55, angel number 44 is an excellent digit to see – especially when it comes to matters of the heart.

It’s a sign that you’re lucky in love and that you may find your twin flame or soulmate soon.

Likewise, it’s asking you to open your eyes. They may already be around – you just don’t know it!

As such, you need to look deep within your heart, for it’s the best way to ‘feel’ these spiritual signs:

  • A feeling of ‘instant connection’
  • Immediate recognition
  • An unspoken understanding of everything about them
  • A sense of authenticity around them
  • A seemingly unbreakable bond
  • Readily knowing what they’re thinking

If you’re currently in a relationship, it’s a nudge for you (and your partner) to turn over a new leaf.

Just like the number 55, it’s a go-signal to aspire for the next stage, be it marriage or family life.

3) Angel number 555

Angel number 555 is another exciting one to see, mainly because it symbolizes passion and romance!

It’s a sign of significant life changes.

For single people, it may mean that a new relationship will blossom soon.

Number 55 is also a call to action, which means you need to do something for this to be possible.

You can’t just sit around in front of your TV all day. You need to go out and mingle with each other.

If you’re painfully shy when it comes to socializing, there’s no need to worry. Just make sure to follow these tips on how to make a move.

Speaking of making a move, angel number 55 is a sign for couples to take the next step.

Do note that this is not always positive, though.

Sadly, it could also mean letting go of the relationship – especially if it’s no longer serving you.

In short, is angel number 55 good for love?

You can summarize angel number 55 into two short words: carpe diem!

It’s time for you to let go of the past and try new things, especially when it comes to love.

You’re about to meet your twin flame or soulmate soon, so you need to seize the opportunity at hand ASAP.

Do keep in mind that ONLY YOU have the power to make a move – be it love or otherwise.

Number 55 is a mere angelic guide – it’s up to you to make these beautiful things happen!

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