The brutal truth about angel numbers and what they mean for you

Been seeing repeated number sequences everywhere you look?

Did you get unexpectedly elated seeing 11:11 on November 11th? Did your coffee receipt come to $12.12 the same day you saw a license plate ending in 1212?

Then you may have been receiving a type of cosmic message in the form of angel numbers. These very special numbers are ways that the universe can communicate hidden messages to you.

But who sends them? And what do they really mean?

We’ll cover everything you need to know about angel numbners in this epic guide.

What are angel numbers?

Angel numbers are repeated number sequences (think 111, 1212, 777) that carry significance and hidden messages to the recipient. These sequences are believed to be more powerful the more often that you run into them in a short period of time.

So, if your check ended up being $8.88, but then you received a phone call from a number that ended in 888 moments later, that would mean that this angel number is really trying to communicate with you!

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Where do angel numbers come from?

Angel numbers are a type of numerology — a mystical system that posits a connection between numbers and events in our lives.

Numerology was first codified by Pythagoras in the 6th Century BC.

Pythagoras noticed unique relationships between numbers and objects (such as the ratio of musical instrument strings’ length in creating harmonious notes, e.g. a string half the length of a longer string will produce a note one octave higher than the one sounded on the long string).

From his work on numbers, Pythagoras posited a number of other, more mystical associations with numbers. For example, he saw the number 10 as perfect, the number 3 as masculine, and the number 2 as feminine.

Different cultures have hundreds of different numerology systems.

Some assign relationships between letters and numbers, some that add up the individual digits of a number (taking the number 235 into 2+3+5 = 10, 1+0=1), and others that use the numbers of dates to ascertain hidden meaning.

Angel numbers in the modern day

Angel numbers are relatively simple in comparison.

The concept comes from Doreen Virtue, a former new-age teacher who taught that when numbers draw attention to themselves (when you see 333 on a license plate and your coffee bill was $3.33), then this is a message from the universe you should pay attention to.

Intriguingly, Doreen Virtue has since disavowed her New Age teachings and has since dedicated her life to the Christian Faith.

It’s up to you to decide how valid angel numbers and numerology are for you.

Me personally? I find these systems to be great at helping you discover your subconscious wants and needs.

But, hey, I’m just a writer 🙂

Key takeaways

  • Angel numbers are a form of numerology.
  • Numerology was first codified by Pythagoras in 6th century BC.
  • Angel numbers were first introduced by Doreen Virtue.
  • Doreen Virtue has since disavowed her work .

Where do people see angel numbers?

People see angel numbers in many different places. It’s less important where you see the angel numbers and more important that it feels like the numbers are calling to you.

When Doreen Virtue first spoke about angel numbers, she suggested that these numbers are messages from the universe and that you should pay attention when any number stands out to you.

This stands in contrast with other types of numerology that actively seek out numbers and interpret them.

Angel numbers appear to you and you decide if they are speaking to you.


Digital clocks only, folks! Sorry sundial and analog users.

Clocks (in digital format) can give us hour numbers up to 12 or 23 (a 12-hour clock shows midnight and noon as 12:00, whereas a 24-hour clock shows midnight as 0:00, noon as 12:00, and the last minute of the day at 23:59).

For the minute places, you get numbers from 0-59. So, on a clock, you can see angel numbers like 1:11, 11:11, 12:34, 12:12, and so on.

You won’t, however, find angel numbers like 8:88 on a clock. Sorry folks!

License plates

License plates on cars and automobiles are great places to find angel numbers.

Since license plates are often alpha-numeric of varying lengths, you can get some unique angel numbers that appear near meaningful (to you) letters.

For example, if your initials are JF and you see a license plate with JF444 — then it may be that the universe was calling you to pay attention to angel number 444.


Addresses can be anywhere from a single digit to over 5 digits long, giving you a great opportunity to run into unique angel numbers.

Angel numbers dealing with addresses are often identified when the address is purposeful — you’re heading to a certain store that ends up being 1212 Oak Drive.

“Hm, 1212. That’s a unique number. Perhaps it has hidden meaning to me.”


With six (or eight) places representing days, months, and years, angel numbers can crop up in dates.

When I was a freshman in college, November 11th (11/11) happened in the year 2011 (11/11/11), and a lot of people were really excited about it! Everyone viewed it as a lucky day.

It was said that if you made a wish at 11:11 on 11/11/11, it would undoubtedly come true!

So, when it comes to dates, angel numbers typically are noticed in advance, and people may try and arrange for important events to fall on these dates (such as getting married to increase the likelihood of a successful marriage).

However, other times, angel numbers appear more spontaneously. Perhaps you look back on your birthday, and you notice that you were born on August 8th, 2008 (8,8,8) — that would be a very powerful and lifelong angel number.

Or, maybe your first date ended up being on January 23rd (1/23), which could be viewed as an angel number speaking to you.

Other places

There are plenty of other places where angel numbers may arise!

  • Banknote serial numbers
  • Check numbers
  • Restaurant bills
  • Phone numbers

The important thing to remember about angel numbers is that the numbers need to get your attention. For example, if you are walking down the street, looking at every address number, and then you see a house numbered 444, that probably wouldn’t count as an angel number.

But, if you were walking randomly, and happened to look up and see house number 444, that may be more likely to be an angel number.

Key takeaways

  • Angel numbers may be found in all sorts of places: dates, clocks, license plates, addresses.
  • Angel numbers need to call out to you: The numbers need to spontaneously catch your attention.

Guides to specific angel numbers

If you want to know exactly what a particular angel number means, we have written comprehensive guides to the following numbers.

The different ways to interpret angel numbers

Angel numbers are a type of numerology — a mystical system that connects numbers to events and outcomes in our lives.

There are many different types of numerology systems, and each interprets numbers depending upon cultural and religious values.

Here are a few different ways that angel numbers can be interpreted.


When interpreting angel numbers through a spiritual lens, you need to be aware of the spiritual value of each number, and then how they work in unison.

For example, the number 9 is seen as a number of completeness and change, as it represents the largest number in the single digits. It is a “full” number. The number after 9 is 10 (one zero), which acts as a reset.

Examining angel numbers through a spiritual lens requires that you have a good knowledge of the spiritual value of each individual digit in the angel number, as well as how they work together.


Many of the world’s great religions place special value on certain numbers (the numbers 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and many others are mentioned frequently).

These numbers are often mentioned in holy texts such as the Torah, Holy Bible, Vedas, and the Koran.

When examining angel numbers, a follower of these religions would see how those angel numbers and their individual components (777 — one would also look at 7 and 3) are treated within their religious system.


When we say numerologically, we mean according to the numerology system that adds up the integers of the number, simplifying until only one number remains.

So, 777 would be 7+7+7 = 21. 21 would be 2+1 = 3. So the numerology value of 777 is 3. 3×7 also is 21, so you can see that 3 is present in 777 three different ways (3 sevens, 3×7=21, 2+1=3), which can be further interpreted and divined.

These numerology systems can get quite complicated and involved. I’m not much of an expert, but I’ve found that this guide is a good place to get started.

Doreen Virtue

Doreen Virtue was the first person to write on angel numbers.

She codified the concept, and there still exists a great body of work by Doreen Virtue on angel numbers. You can pick up her guide on angel numbers right here if you wish to learn more.

It is important to note that Doreen herself has disavowed her work. She has since converted to Christianity, and has disavowed all new-age forms of interpretation and fortune-telling.

I don’t think this has much bearing on the concept and validity of angel numbers.

They could be messages from the angels! They could be malarkey! They could be our minds projecting our subconscious anxieties onto the external world!

Who knows?

But I think it’s important to provide context, especially since the person who introduced the world to angel numbers is the one who now doesn’t preach their gospel.

This is likely due to the fact that passages of the Christian Bible preach against fortune-telling, which suggests that gaining this hidden knowledge is an attempt to usurp the powers reserved for God.

That’s their working theory.

I’m not one to tell you if this is true, moral/immoral/amoral, or anything of that nature. I will say, as a human just trying to get by in life, it is important to leave room for intent.

How should you use angel numbers?

What is your intent with angel numbers?

Are you looking for a sign to help point your life in the right direction? Probably a harmless or even beneficial practice.

Or, are you trying to use angel numbers and numerology to make people dependent upon your predictions? Probably an immoral practice.

Just be good, folks. Don’t get bogged down in the minutiae, don’t let yourself be fleeced by someone who claims to know all the answers.

Enjoy the fun in numerology and angel numbers! Let them speak to you, and discover the answers that they hold!

Enjoy the fun!

  • Angel numbers are fun and helpful tools for helping us discover the paths our lives can take.
  • Use angel numbers and other forms of numerology to improve yourself, not to take advantage of others.
  • If someone tells you that they alone can tell you your future, they’re taking advantage of you!

Angel Numbers and their virtues

All angel numbers are either single digits or sequences. Each sequence is comprised of unique single-digit numbers that all have their own hidden meanings.

Let’s take a look at the meanings and virtues for each digit in angel numbers.


The number zero represents wholeness, infinity, and the all-encompassing power of the conscious universe.

Zero can signify closeness to God/higher consciousness, the beginning of a journey toward God, or that your oneness is dissolving in favor of union with the interconnected universe.

It is a number that expresses universality, neither ending nor beginning, and the continuous cycle of life and death, birth and rebirth, creation and destruction.


One is the angel number of new beginnings and fresh starts.

In certain numerology circles (particularly monotheistic interpretations), 1 refers to God as 1 represents unity and singularity — the aspects of a monotheistic religion.

Outside of religious interpretations, angel number 1 suggests that the receiver is being ordained as a leader, an explorer, and one who should drive forward to their destiny with great gusto and zeal.


2 traditionally is seen as representing duality. Good and Bad. Light and Dark. Heaven and Hell. God and Satan. In dualistic religions, angel number 2 represents the struggle between the two competing forces.

It can also be seen as representing the concept of yin-yang — the balance of light and dark.

Spiritually, angel number 2 can represent harmony, peace, conflict resolution, and partnership.


Angel number 3 is considered auspicious in many different religions, as it often represents the divine.

In Christianity, 3 represents the trinity (the three representations of the One God), and in Hinduism, 3 represents the Trimurti (three representations of the Supreme God).

In the ancient Babylonian religion, there were three primary Gods who represented Heaven, Hell, and the Abyss.

When seeing 3 in an angel number, understand that you are being connected to positive energy and optimism that is ordained by the divine. It is a message from the divine, that has the divine’s “stamp of approval.”


Four can represent the universe, as it represents the traditional four elements (water, earth, air, fire), the four directions (north, south, east, west), the four phases of the moon, and the four seasons.

In most cultures, four is a very positive number that connotes wholeness, connection to the universe and nature, and the cyclical nature of our existence.

In East Asian cultures — particularly Chinese cultures — the number four is considered very unlucky, as the character for 4 is very close to the character for death.


In Islam, five is a sacred number that represents the 5 pillars of Islam.

Five is a combination of 2 and 3 — the feminine and masculine numbers — and therefore represents marriage and holy union. 5 is also seen as a number representative of the body, as we have five fingers on each hand and five toes on each foot.

Therefore, five is often seen as a sensing and sensual angel number. It represents our tactile attachment to the world and to each other — and how this attachment is heralded by the universe itself.


Angel number six is tricky. On the one hand, six can represent creation — as God created the world in six days (and on the seventh day, God rested).

Six is also mystical, in that it is the sum of the first three numbers (1 + 2 + 3), but also the result of multiplying the first three numbers together (1 x 2 x 3). This makes six the first “perfect number.” Angel number six, therefore, can suggest perfection.

Six, when used in the number 666, however, does not signify perfection — but often imperfection — as it is the number of the false prophet, the imitator, and the devil itself.

But six, when not a part of 666, doesn’t carry these negative connotations.


Angel number 7 is a holy number that represents the divine, creation, the authority of the universe, and our connection to the conscious universe.

God created the world in seven days, there are seven days in a week, and (intriguingly) 7 is the sum of 3 (which represents the divine) and 4 (which represents the physical realm).

This suggests that seven is the union of the divine and the physical, which is further reinforced by there being 7 chakras — the seven pools of energy that can govern our health and connect us to the universe.


Angel number eight is representative of the infinite. It is a lucky number that connotes blessings, spiritual and material wealth, and spiritual enlightenment.

In Islam, there are eight levels of paradise. In the ancient Babylonian mythos, the Gods lived in the eighth plane above the seven spheres — where the stars were fixed.

Eight is therefore a number that represents the heavens and holiness above the physical universe.


Angel number nine is a number of endings, new beginnings, of chapters closing and opening. The number itself is the largest single-digit number in our Arabic numeral system; the next number is 10 (one zero), which resets the digits — counting back up to 9 (19).

So, nine is often seen as the end of one set and the transition to a new set.

This often applies to relationships, business ventures, work, spiritual growth, and other endeavors. It is a transformative number that often signifies difficult growth ahead.

Each angel number has a unique meaning!

  • Individual digits have unique cultural and religious meanings.
  • When you combine digits into longer sequences, you get more nuanced and more powerful messages.

Angel numbers are most often identified in combinations or sequences.

These sequences take the value of their component digits and magnify it with additional digits. Some of these digit numbers (777) have unique cultural implications in their own right that exist independent of the magnification of the component digits.

If that all sounds like a lot of confusing mumbo-jumbo, don’t worry. All I’m saying is that some numbers have many different layers of meaning.

Let’s keep powering through, and look at some popular angel number combinations and what they mean!


Angel number 555 signifies change. Significant change!

The number 5 is a sacred number that represents union, growth, and the physical body. 555 represents that you are about to experience significant change, particularly in relation to your unions and how you interact physically with the world.

Stay positive! This is good growth that will help you ultimately align with the universe’s plan for you.


3 represents the trinity or the united God. Therefore, 333 is a trinity of threes, which signifies that the conscious divine is listening to your prayers.

333 often means that the answer to your prayers is imminent — that the universe has understood your plight, and is looking to help you on your journey.

However, and this is important, this isn’t a sign that you can stop working hard to achieve your goals. You need to continue to build upon your efforts, knowing that the universe has your back.


Angel number 1010 is a uniquely repetitive number that represents new beginnings (1) and wholeness/infinity (0).

Together, they suggest a cyclical and vacillating message that means it is perhaps time to move on from something that has been impeding you.

It’s time for a fresh start — to break free of the shackles you’ve created for yourself, and trust that the universe will shepherd you to your new beginning.


In the Christian tradition, 666 represents the number of the beast — a number associated with Satan, who wages war against God for control of man. Satan is not the creator, but the imposter.

For those who follow the Christian faith, 666 is not considered an angel number but is a bad omen.

There are some other numerology analyses that suggest that 666 is a wake-up call, or even a reversal. Your life is out of alignment with the divine plan, and you need to critically examine your choices to determine where you have fallen short.

Think of seeing 666 as a spiritual alarm! Make a change!


Angel number 444 shows how the elements of the universe (4 represents the physical universe) are in alignment with the divine (3 represents the divine).

444, therefore, communicates a form of divine and all-encompassing protection, letting you know that you do not need to be afraid. You are not alone.

Angel number 444 suggests that you are safe and blessed by the angels. Even though the obstacles you encounter feel overwhelming, you will be able to overcome these through the support of your angels.


Angel number 222 signifies divine harmony.

As 2 represents duality, and 3 represents the divine, 222 shows how duality can be balanced — and how this balance, this harmony, is divinely inspired. Angel number 222 is a sign of confirmation that you are on the right path to balancing your life.

You are harmonizing with the universe, and you should continue to move further into alignment.


Angel number 111 is a symbol of awakening and new beginnings. The number 1 represents initiation, God, and new beginnings.

Three (as we have discussed) represents the wholeness of the divine. 111 is therefore a number that suggests a holy ordination to your new beginning.

111 may also herald that you are to begin a new and exciting leadership chapter in your life. This is a time to try new things! Remain open to new relationships, new job opportunities, and new ways to collaborate.


1111 is considered a very lucky number.

1111 is a sign of awakening, but also of synchronicity, showing that you have awakened to your interconnected place within the universe.

1111 is comprised of two 11s, each of which is comprised of two 1s. These each exist as pairs of new beginnings — pairs that represent the divine, yet do not represent duality. This is not yin to yang — this is the reinforced 1. 11, therefore, has a “twin flame” energy to this angel number, and 1111 has this power even more reinforced.

1111 is associated with heightened intuition, spirituality, personal power, and synchronicity with the universe.

Use it wisely!


Angel number 1212 magnifies the power of both 1 and 2. 1 represents divine new beginnings, while 2 represents divine harmony.

The 1s and 2s both magnify each other and moderate their opposite forces, showing how you may be about to embark on a new and unexpected journey that will bring harmony to your life in a profound and unexpected way.

Keep an open mind, and look for ways that you can expand your life while also putting your life into balance.


Angel number 1234 is all about ascension.

The numbers increase — just as you are growing! When you see angel number 1234, you should know that the angels believe you are moving forward on the right track!

Keep continuing to develop yourself, deepening your fields of expertise, relationships, spirituality, and sense of self. Your purpose will continue to be revealed as you continue to work on yourself!


Angel number 1144 is a unique number due to the way that 44 exists as a doubling of the energy of 4, as well as a multiple of the energy of 11.

11 doubles the energy of 1, which represents new beginnings and the divine. 44 doubles the energy of 4, which represents the known universe. However, 44 also is 4 times 11, which suggests that 44 itself is built out of the energy of 11.

Additionally, when we add the digits of 1144 together, we get 10. The digits of 10 added together come to 1.

All this is to say that 1144 represents a strong and unusual reinforcement of the energy of angel number 1, showing that we must move forward to that new beginning — no matter how scary it may be.

This new beginning will be one that brings us closer to our life’s purpose, and show us how our lives intersect with the universe as a whole.


Angel number 777 is a very holy number that suggests an aspect of your life is ordained by the divinity of the creator.
7 is a number that represents creation, while 3 represents the completed divine.

777, therefore, is the most holy and most complete number, signifying to you that a divine blessing is imminent or is already present.


888 is a very lucky number that signifies wealth, prosperity, and joy.

In certain Christian traditions, 8 can represent Christ (the redeemer of the world), and 888 can stand in contrast to 666 (the number of the beast). In other cultures, 8 is seen as a lucky and auspicious number in its own right.

The tripling of eight reinforces its prosperity and redemptive qualities. If you receive angel number 888, examine how your life may already be blessed and prosperous.

Give thanks for the blessings you have, look to see how you may spread your blessings to others, and be open to further blessings to come.


Angel number 999 represents the closing of a profound chapter of your life.
9 is the largest single integer number, and 999 triples this single integer’s power. As 3 is seen as a number of the divine, then 999 suggests that this closing of your chapter is divinely ordained.

The transition from one chapter to another will be jarring, but will leave you with a profoundly expanded capacity to learn, grow, and cherish others (999 represents fullness, but the next digit added will take the number to 1,000 — which has so much capacity to grow before it reaches its peak: 9,999).

Be prepared for some bitterness as you navigate the shifting seas of your life’s journey, but know that there is a safe harbor for you at the end of your quest.

Angel number sequences are powerful!

  • The meaning is derived from the meaning of individual digits and the way they are combined.
  • Angel number sequences are seen as the universe shouting at us to get our attention! Listen up!

What does seeing angel numbers in dreams mean?

Dreams are mysterious phenomena.

Culturally, we often believe that dreams are ways for the universe to communicate with us, as the world of dreams is seen as a bridge between our world and the spirit world.

Today, many scientists believe that our dreams are ways that our brains help interpret the stresses and anxieties of our days. If we dream about something frequently, that often is our brain trying to unpack how that something impacts us in our waking state.

Dreaming about angel numbers, then, might suggest that this is a message from the universe — and that angels are trying to communicate with us in sleep because we are more susceptible to listening to their messages.

Or, dreaming about angel numbers could suggest our subconscious is trying to unpack an issue we face.

Did you see the angel number in your waking time before you saw it in your dream? Then perhaps it is your brain drawing attention to that number.

Is this the first time you’ve ever seen that number before? Then maybe your brain is trying to communicate to you through that number.

Could be your brain, could be the universe, could be random! Who knows?

What is important is: what do you think it is? Why do you think you saw that angel number in your dreams?

What do angel numbers mean in love?

It certainly depends upon which angel number you saw, now doesn’t it?

Angel number 999, for example, often relates to ends of chapters, which may suggest that a relationship has run its course — or is about to evolve.

Angel number 444 signifies that the universe has heard your prayers, and wants you to know that you are not alone.

That might mean that, if you’re single, you may find a partner in short order. Or, if you’re in a relationship, it may signify that the two of you need to open up and lean on each other for support.

It really depends upon the angel number that you’ve seen!

Which angel numbers represent good luck?

This is a little subjective, as the numbers hold multiple meanings that change based on the circumstances of your life when you intersect with an angel number.

However, there are a few angel numbers that are considered very auspicious.

These angel numbers are:

  • 1111

1111 is an angel number that represents synchronicity with the universe, alignment between you and your partner, and heightened personal power. 1111 is culturally seen as a good luck number, upon which many people make wishes.

  • 777

777 is a very auspicious number that holds both lucky number seven and lucky number 3. 3 and 7 are both holy numbers that express different manifestations of the divine, so the number itself suggests maximum divinity.

Culturally, it is seen as very lucky, and slot machines use 777 to mean jackpot.

  • 888

888 is a very lucky number that signifies spiritual and material blessings. 8 is very lucky in certain Asian cultures and represents heaven in many ancient religions.

In Christianity, 8 is sometimes associated with Jesus Christ — the redeemer of the world. 888, therefore has this redemption magnified by 3 — the number that represents the wholeness of the divine.

What should you do when you identify with an angel number?

So you’ve found an angel number that has spoken to you. You saw 777 on your receipt the same day you had an appointment on 777 East Street, and you’ve decided that this number is speaking to you.

Now, you want to know, what do you do with this number?

The first thing to know is that you can do absolutely nothing. The universe isn’t stopping you from completely ignoring the signs it sends your way. Remember, angel numbers are messages, they are not commandments.

The second thing that you need to know is how you feel about these messages.

Look: we have no proof either way that angels/the universe are using numbers to communicate with us.

I’m not the one to tell you they absolutely are or that this is absolutely horseshit.

It’s like astrology or any other form of divination. It is a tool that may reveal some hidden truths.

Or it may not.

Do what makes sense to you!

So, check in with yourself.

How do you feel about the idea of angel numbers?

If you think: “blech, this idea gives me the creeps,” or “this feels too superstitious,” or even, “I think this conflicts with my religious beliefs,” then I’d strongly advise you to discard the angel number. If it doesn’t benefit you, then don’t bother!

Conversely, if you think to yourself, “angel numbers are the only source of guidance I will trust,” then I’d ask you to trust in yourself a bit more. You’re great, and you need to have faith in your abilities!

But, if you think, “hm, these angel numbers seem interesting, and who am I to say no to a hidden message from the universe?” Then I think it’s safe to move forward!

Next, I think that it’s important to do a little reading up on the angel number you’ve seen.

I’ve included a bit of information for some of the more common angel numbers, but there is so much more information out there! Get to researching!

Then, I advise you to meditate on that number. Nothing formal, no chanting, just some casual pondering. Think about what we, as a society, have decided that number means, and then think where in your life that message may align.

Odds are, you’ll pretty quickly discover where your angel number is calling you.

After that, the actions are up to you! The universe is giving you the nudge, but you are ultimately the one who makes the decisions.

Just know that, even if it feels scary, the universe is nudging you to make that positive growth. Trust in yourself, trust in the universe, and take actions to develop yourself into a better person!

And never stop learning!

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