Your daily love horoscope for July 13, 2023

The Moon is entering Gemini today, besties! What will this lunation and the other celestial motions have in store for us?

The Gemini Moon is chatty, intellectual stimulation is forefront. This lunation brings about excitement and restlessness, impulsiveness, and indecision. The Moon traveling through the sign of duality is both high energy and quick exhaustion.

It’s both finding new love and getting bored of it quickly. The Moon transiting Gemini is fun but erratic. Boredom is immediate, almost inevitable. Other celestial motions happening are: The Moon squaring off with Mars in Virgo making us hasty and argumentative. A go-getter without delay even if a delay is necessary.

The Moon also sextiles with Mercury in Leo and we might find ourselves craving conversations and other forms of socializing. Lastly, despite fun and enjoyment being today’s pursuits, the Moon tensely squaring off with Saturn in Pisces will bring us back to the ground. This exhausting square will remind us of our responsibilities.

And with all of that said, let’s check today’s love forecast:

Aries (March 21 – April 19)

Is it a good day for love, Aries? It’s a good day to choose peace. This isn’t to say that you accept disrespect, not at all, but if you can step away from conflict, do so. Everyone’s emotions are running a tad too high thanks to the Moon-Mars square and people might be feeling too combative right now. Choose your peace, bestie, you have things to do. And as for love? Well, love can wait.

Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

Is it a good day for love, Taurus? It’s a good day to be sure. Taurus, if you’re sure about someone, hold onto that feeling. Your flighty and pleasure-driven fifth house welcoming Mars today might push you to find something (or someone) more exciting despite not really wanting to. Boredom is your worst enemy today, Taurus, as you might do something you normally wouldn’t do. Take care of your heart (and your finances), bestie, impulse decisions should be minimized as best you can.

Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

Is it a good day for love, Gemini? It’s a good day to not say too much. It pains me to say that, Fellow Gems, as our ruling planet Mercury is socializing in our communication sector. However, the Moon-Mars square is messing up everyone’s emotions and miscommunications are all over the place. The more we say, the more chances of us being misinterpreted. Everyone is combative and nitpicky, and Gems, this isn’t a good day to debate for fun. Find something mentally enriching and try it alone, besties, let the world (read: your closest people) entertain themselves without you for today.

Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

Is it a good day for love, Cancer? It’s a good day to be reminded that just because you’re willing to fix a situation now, doesn’t mean that everyone will be receptive to the idea. When things go awry with partners, friends, family, or even colleagues, not everyone will be mature enough or ready enough to “talk about it” or “sort it out”. You might find yourself emotionally burdened by this atmosphere but remember that you can’t force people to apologize or forgive. That isn’t only your load to carry, bestie. Focus on whatever good today will bring for you instead, Cancer, and let people heal at their own pace.

Leo (July 23 – August 22)

Is it a good day for love, Leo? It’s a good day to operate under the idea of “measure twice, cut once”. Curb impulses today, Leo, especially surrounding money and friends. Everyone is burdened by the tense Moon-Mars square, bestie, and your jokes might just end up being too left-field for others to get—yup, this includes your nearest and dearest! You might even offend others without meaning to. Think twice today, bestie, even good intentions might be misconstrued.

Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

Is it a good day for love, Virgo? It’s a good day to listen to what is true to you. Don’t let outside distractions change the course of your day, Virgo. You get to decide how today goes, you get to decide how you will react to the distractions or the provocations. Everyone is affected by the tense Moon-Mars square and emotions are running high, so focus on yourself instead. You don’t have to attend every argument you are invited to, right?

Libra (September 23 – October 22)

Is it a good day for love, Libra? It’s a good day to get out of your head, bestie. Your most introspective of houses are getting the brunt of the Moon-Mars square and you might be operating under wishful thinking. Situations might be better than how you first thought but in reverse, a situation might need your attention more than you realized. Same with people, you might be seeing someone in a much brighter light than they deserve. See it for what it is, Libra.

Scorpio (October 23 – November 22)

Is it a good day for love, Scorpio? It’s a good day to focus on what you want. Look, people will test your patience today as hotheaded Mars visits your social sector, you might even find yourself at the end of your tether in dealing with these people. Set your boundaries, bestie, and don’t let that energy ruin your day if you can. It’s okay to admit that despite loving people, there will be days that you won’t like them. All the best, Scorpio.

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

Is it a good day for love, Sagittarius? It’s a good day to find balance, Sagittarius. The sectors of your life affected by the transits today are partnerships, career, exploration, and home. As if these are on two scales fighting for importance in your life, what will you choose? Will you even choose? At the risk of running yourself ragged, will you attend to the needs of everyone? What about you? Prioritize yourself, bestie, and let the pieces find their place.

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

Is it a good day for love, Capricorn? It’s a good day to resist any and all forms of drama, Capricorn. The day-to-day tasks might seem a little too boring for you today than normal but resist drama if it arrives, it won’t be the day’s spice that you think it is. Yes, even if it’s from your nearest and dearest; and especially if you don’t usually participate in other people’s mess like this, don’t let today be the first day you try being nosy. It won’t be worth it, bestie. Stay in your lane and let it pass you by, focus on yourself instead. Don’t fix what you didn’t break.

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

Is it a good day for love, Aquarius? It’s a good day to steer clear of people, Aquarius, as you might be feeling a little too combative today. Mercury flitting through your partnership sector while the Moon and Mars transit through your most emotionally intense sectors doesn’t seem like such a good time. Anything and everything—anyone and everyone!— might set you off today, and you might even find yourself nitpicking every tiny thing. Take a deep breath, Aquarius, and determine which is an impulse and what isn’t.

Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

Is it a good day for love, Pisces? It’s a good day to remind yourself that history is sometimes not enough to sustain a relationship. If you’ve been holding onto an idea of a person and not what they truly show you, who are you trying to convince? If you’ve been hoping for a relationship to go back to what it once was, what’s your basis for that besides wishful thinking? See them for what they are, not what they remind you of, Pisces. Life is too short to spend your time waiting.

Michelle Manese

Michelle Manese

Michelle Manese is a part-time creative writer, illustrator, and full-time fangirl hoping to find her way within the Content space.

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