4 zodiac signs most likely to hear from an ex this July

Whether you’re sunbathing by the pool or enjoying the summer rain, one thing’s for sure – you could be receiving an unexpected ‘Ping!’ from an old flame.

And while some might say, “exes are exes for a reason,” others might welcome the chance for closure, rekindling, or maybe just some good old fashioned drama.

Ready for the big reveal?

This July, the universe is spinning a web of connections for Pisces, Cancer, Capricorn, and Gemini.

You lucky (or not-so-lucky) four might be in for a round of ‘guess who’s back?’

1. Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

Opening the celestial curtains first, we have the enigmatic Pisces.

Pisces, as the zodiac’s seasoned soul, your innate understanding of profound emotional bonds and deep currents of feelings sets you apart.

This month, Mercury, the cosmic maestro of communication, charts its course through Cancer, a fellow water sign and friend, for a significant part of this simmering July.

This planetary tango lays down a stage ripe for deeply emotional, soul-touching dialogues – a perfect setting for the nostalgically-infused “remember when we…” conversations that take you on a trip down memory lane.

To further heighten the cosmic ballet, Neptune, your ruling planet, started its retrograde pirouette in your sign last month, acting as a divine maestro orchestrating a period of self-reflection and reevaluation.

This cosmic ballet, so meticulously choreographed, guides you along a path lit by the soft glow of the moon, where past moments shine like constellations against the dark canvas of your memory.

As a result, both you and your past partners may feel the allure of this reflective journey, as though long-forgotten photo albums have been unearthed from the depths of time.

So, dear Pisces, if your phone unexpectedly vibrates with messages from an ex-lover, or you’re jolted awake by a “missing you” text in the midnight hour, remember – it’s all written in the stars. 

2. Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

As we shine the spotlight on our second sign, we welcome the resilient and intuitive Cancer.

The sun, the celestial body known for its life-giving light and warmth, is nestling in your sign until the 22nd.

You’re emanating an irresistible cosmic glow that draws others towards you, not least those who’ve had a taste of your romantic charm. 

But hold onto your shells, because the cosmic plot thickens.

That irresistible solar energy is not the only celestial ingredient stirring up past connections.

This July, a new moon is set to make its grand entrance in your house of communication on the 23rd, opening the floodgates to unexpected messages and chance encounters.

Known as an astrological beacon of deep emotional waters and strong bonds, this lunar event may spotlight previous relationships in an unforeseen way.

There’s something about the lunar allure that could stir up a wave of reminiscence in your exes, inspiring a journey through the ‘remember whens’ and nostalgia-laden moments of your shared history.

After all, the cosmos is a master scriptwriter when it comes to staging its unique brand of romantic drama.

And this time, it seems to have reserved the lead role just for you, Cancer! 

3. Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

Making the third celestial entrance, we welcome the steadfast Capricorn.

With your natural inclination towards stability and reservation, Capricorn, it’s safe to say you’re not typically the sign we associate with reigniting past romantic sparks.

However, it might be time to brace yourself, for the cosmic carousel is poised to spin a different story for you this sultry July.

The sun, our astronomical behemoth of radiance and power, will confidently march into Leo, your opposing sign, on the 22nd.

This solar parade ushers in a period of reflection and deep contemplation.

Your usually practical Capricorn mindset may find itself unexpectedly captivated by the prospect of rediscovering past connections and navigating long-forgotten emotional landscapes.

Adding an extra twist to the cosmic plot is the transformative planet Pluto, presently perfecting its retrograde ballet within your sign.

Pluto’s celestial dance urges us to confront our hidden shadows, and in your case, this could translate into addressing unresolved issues from past romantic entanglements.

So, if your ex-partner suddenly experiences a “let’s resolve our past” itch triggered by the universe, understand that it’s just the cosmic constellations playing their part.

Don’t fret – we gave you the heads up, didn’t we?

Remember, the cosmos always has a way of weaving intricate tales.

Sometimes, you just have to go with the flow and embrace the ride.

4. Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

Closing our cosmic list, we’ve got Gemini, the celestial twins.

Gemini, you’re renowned for your quick wit, duality, and an ever-ready appetite for adventure and unpredictability, aren’t you? 

This month, the fiery and determined planet Mars, known for its impulsivity and desire to get things moving, is set to traverse your communication sector.

Mars, with its intense energy, is likely to fan the flames of passion, awakening old sentiments and possibly inspiring unexpected messages or even surprise phone calls.

Sounds like the perfect recipe for sudden reconnections, doesn’t it?

But hold on, because the celestial drama doesn’t stop there!

Mercury, your ruling planet, famed for its governing power over communication, travel, and technology, is currently hitting the retrograde brakes in your house of past assets.

Picture this as a cosmic Broadway show with Mercury as the director, orchestrating a surprise cast reunion.

This planetary backtrack could potentially bring some familiar faces from your past back onto your life’s stage, injecting an extra dose of intrigue into your summer plot.

With exes potentially popping back into the scene and old memories resurfacing, your July is promising to be a whirlwind of nostalgia, closure, and perhaps a few surprising rekindlings.

Whether you choose to lean into these plot twists or simply observe them from a safe distance, one thing’s for sure: the universe certainly has a sense of humor, and it’s not afraid to use it!

Astrological ex-returns forecast

Whether these predictions fill you with dread or excitement, remember, the universe is ultimately all about growth and transformation.

So why not use these cosmic conditions to foster understanding, compassion, and maybe some new-old connections?

Remember, your destiny is not just determined by the stars but how you choose to navigate your own universe.

So go on, pick up the phone if you must.

Or, you know, you could always let it go to voicemail. 




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