Angel number 21: Spiritual meaning, love, and what your future holds

Some people brush off seeing angel number 21. They believe that it’s all-too-common, unlike that of repeating numbers.

Well, the truth of the matter is they hold messages that are just profound.

If you’re looking to learn more about 21’s meanings – be it spiritual or about love – then read on below.

What does seeing 21 really mean?

Angel number 21 is all about changes, opportunities, and new chapters in life.

Sure, it’s scary to venture into the unknown.

However, you need to grab the opportunities that lie ahead. With a positive attitude, you can get through uncertainty.

Likewise, you need to be independent, now more than ever. It’s time to minimize your reliance on other people.

That said, being independent doesn’t give you the right to neglect your partner (as well as the other important people in your life.)

In essence, number 21 is the universe’s way of saying that they’re hearing all your prayers and manifestations. Just open up your heart, and you’ll feel the spiritual support and encouragement that you deserve.

5 reasons you keep seeing the number 21

Number 21 is the universe’s way of telling you these five key messages:

1) Grab the opportunity

If there’s an opportunity to change your love life, career, or anything else in between, 21 is a sign that you should take it.

As Tom Peters once quipped: “If a window of opportunity appears, don’t pull down the shade.”

Not many people are lucky enough to be afforded a chance, so you need to grab it with open arms.

If you don’t want to miss out on a good opportunity in life, then you must do these five things:

  • Set a goal for today – and every other day.
  • Acknowledge the fact that you may feel sad along the way.
  • Keep your mind – and eyes – open to the horizons beyond.
  • Ask for help whenever you need it.
  • Keep on trucking!

Remember: the number 21 is a reminder that the universe is behind you 100%. Though you may not feel it, the higher being is guiding you through every step of the way.

Everything will work out for the best, as long as you take that dreaded leap of faith!

2) Be positive

The number 21 is your angel’s way of telling you to be more aware of your thoughts and feelings.

You need to be positive, for it’s the only way to manifest something you want (for example, a healthy relationship.)

As author Bhavik Sarkhedi puts it:

“When you start thinking optimistically, your mind becomes clear of any negative thoughts, and you will see the world in a new light. You will stop blaming yourself or others. You will be in total control of your emotions and try to seek a valuable lesson in every setback you experience.”

If you’re a pessimistic person, then these tips should help you attract more positive energy into your life:

  • Stop worrying
  • Prioritize your happiness
  • Love yourself
  • Don’t be stuck in the past
  • Be mindful
  • Exercise regularly
  • Be grateful
  • Don’t let negativities overpower you

Remember: pessimism can make you unhappy – so make sure to turn that frown upside down!

3) You need to be independent

Do you always rely on your partner, family, or friends for almost anything? Unfortunately, this dependency may be why you keep seeing the number 21 everywhere you go.

It’s a symbol of independence – and it’s your angel’s way of telling you to be more reliant on yourself.

You need to grow up, make decisions and take responsibility for your actions.

Yes, your family and friends will still be there to support you, but everything should all come from you.

Not only will it make you less of a ‘burden’ to others, but it can also help you:

  • Become an ‘asset’ because you’re more capable of things
  • Boost confidence and self-esteem
  • Enjoy financial freedom

As Forbes council member and author Svetlana Whitener puts it:

“Practicing your self-reliance helps you overcome obstacles, learn from failures, and impact your own self-worth and self-confidence.”

4) Pay more attention to your partner

While the number 21 is motivating you to become a strong, independent person, it should come at the cost of your relationship.

Maybe you’re enjoying too much freedom that you’ve forgotten to look after your partner.

This may make them feel neglected and overlooked, leading you two to become an unhappy couple.

As social worker and author Terry Gaspard explains it:

“When you believe you must do everything for yourself, you create your own demise. It’s hard to let your partner in. It’s hard to give them room to come through for you.”

In other words, you need to give your partner the love and attention they deserve. You need to consult with them – especially when it concerns making plans.

Remember: the relationship is about you both, not just you alone.

5) You’re receiving all the support and encouragement you need

Whether you’re undertaking a small project or a huge task, it’s nice to feel supported.

According to research, “When people lose social interest, they need encouragement, especially with regard to engaging others.”

Well, the number 21 is a sign that you’re getting the encouragement and assistance you need.

You may not know it, but your partner, family, or friends, are giving you these – and more.

Here are some signs of support that you may not have picked up right away:

  • Compliments
  • Expressions of love
  • Active listening
  • Respect for your feelings
  • Small gifts
  • Signs of touch, such as holding hands or walking arm in arm
  • The effort to pull out all the stops

They’re often subtle, so you need to open your eyes (and heart) to these encouraging signs.

What are the angels communicating with number 21?

The angel number meaning of 21 comes from its digits – 2 and 1.

Number 2 represents partnership and selflessness. It’s a symbol of duality, cooperation, and diplomacy.

As previously mentioned, these traits make you outstanding in relationships.

The number 1, on the other hand, represents positivity – another critical message of the number 21.

Apart from this, number 1 also symbolizes:

  • Leadership
  • Originality
  • Independence
  • Achievement
  • Positivity/optimism
  • Mastery

Combining these two numbers, you get the central message of togetherness. It’s all about maintaining relationships, romantic or otherwise.

Spiritual meaning of seeing angel number 21

The number 21 is a message from your angel. They’re telling you that you’ll be able to create and manifest things.


It’s a spiritual sign that your life is headed towards a new yet very positive direction. You’re about to collaborate with someone, be it at work or in a creative pursuit.

This collaboration will be gratifying – and it’ll make you and your partner (or team) happy.

Remember: two heads are always better than one.

As author Natalie Nixon puts it:

“More effective problem solving happens when you combine resources in talent, experience, finances, and infrastructure.”

Answered prayers

Maybe you’re asking the universe for a sign – or a specific person to come into your life. They may not come soon, but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t lose hope.

Remember: “Hope provides a positive vision for the future about what’s possible, motivating us to look forward. While it’s an optimistic state of mind, hope can emerge from distressing and even tragic situations.”

Know that the higher being is listening to your prayers and requests. They’re responding to you, but you may not be able to see them right away.

As such, you need to keep an open heart – always. Doing so will help you receive these messages – and decode their spiritual meanings.

The meaning of 21 in religion

The number 21 is significant for these world religions:

Jewish/Catholic Faith

The number 21 is seen as a ‘wicked’ number in the Bible.

It’s closely linked to 13, which is believed to be a sign of sinfulness and depravity.

As such, it’s thought to represent the ‘great wickedness of rebellion and sin.’

This belief can be traced back to the following biblical events:

  • Israelites started 21 major rebellious events after leaving Egypt.
  • The last judgment of the Egyptians, which happened in the 21st month of Nisan.
  • The fall feast of the Tabernacles, which occurs every 21st day of the seventh Hebrew month.
  • The apostle Paul who wrote about 21 sins that show sin and wickedness of self.


The number 21 is also significant in the worship of Lord Ganesha, the elephant-headed god known as the “Lord of the People.”

During the Ganesh Chaturthi festival, the god is worshiped with 21 varieties of the Ekavimshati Pathra Pooja leaves.

Angel number 21 meaning for love and relationships

As you see, the number 21 holds a lot of positive meanings – especially when it comes to love.

It’s the universe acknowledging your selflessness.

Also known as altruism, it’s the willingness to help others.

Thanks to your selflessness, you’re sure to develop a harmonious relationship with your partner. True love is not the only thing that comes with your altruism, though. According to a study, your selflessness can also help you:

  • Achieve ‘better’ well-being
  • Showcase more positive emotions
  • Reduce psychological stress

While your altruism is impressive, the sad part is that you often give too much, sometimes, at a high cost to yourself.

It’s essential that you love yourself the same way you love others.

If not, you’ll end up feeling used and exhausted.

So if you ever find yourself questioning, “Will I ever find love?” the number 21 is a sign that you will! It’s a matter of being open to receiving love, for you deserve it just as well.

Number 21 meaning in numerology

Number 21’s numerological meanings come from the sum of its two numbers: 3.

21 is also a product of 3 when multiplied to 7, which is another spiritual number.

Experts believe that 3 represents creativity, charisma, optimism, and joy.

As such, numerologists believe that 21 signifies that you’re about to fulfill your spiritual transformation and enlightenment.

They also believe that 21 is a sign that your creative energies have finally found fulfillment.

Tarot Numerology

The number 21 is linked with the tarot card ‘The World.’ This card symbolizes ‘willed fulfillment.’

From the point of view of Major Arcana – a series that represents the stages of spiritual development – this card symbolizes your soul’s birth towards cosmic consciousness.

The World card is depicted as a nude dancer in laurel wreaths in the Rider-Waite tarot deck.

For tarot readers, laurels – which symbolize victory – are the best representations of ultimate fulfillment.

No matter what deck your psychic uses, one thing is for sure: 21 represents success and the fulfillment of your innermost desires.

As such, seeing this number is a sign that you’re going to enjoy victory – and live a more contented life.

Other angel numbers related to 21

Angel number 21 may not be the only ‘message’ you’re getting from the universe. You may also be seeing these five numbers related to 21.

Number 3

Add 2 with 1, and you get the number 3 – a digit associated with:

  • Joy
  • Creativity
  • Enthusiasm
  • Adventure
  • Self-expression
  • Communication

Just like the number 21, number 3 is encouraging you to stay positive. You need to believe in yourself, for your ambitions are rightly aligned with the path you’re taking.

“Self-belief means that you should have enough self-confidence to change, but not overestimate your abilities,” explains one university article.

“Judging yourself to be capable of success increases your chances of actual success,” it adds.

Number 21 is also a reminder to show your authentic, true self. Don’t try to be someone you’re not. Being honest with yourself is the only way to move forward.

Number 11

Replace 2 with number 1, and you get the number 11 – another digit that holds significant meanings.

As a representation of masculine and feminine energies, number 11 is a reminder to balance your energy.

Explains author Shazia Omar:

“Various parts of our body generate various frequencies, and the body and its organs have their own energy frequencies which are continually changing. When balanced, we experience healthy functioning of our mind and body.”

Likewise, you need to work on your intuition as you try to tread your path.

In essence, number 11 is a sign you’d like to see, for it’s considered a blessing.

It means that changes – particularly something good – are about to happen. Your sad spell is soon to end, just wait and see!

Number 22

Number 22 is just one step away from number 21, which is why it’s just as significant as the latter.

It’s a sign that you’re more than ready to pursue your dreams.

“The sky’s the limit,” remarks Dean Sharon Nell of St. Edward’s University.

“However, she’s quick to say that “It’s not always going to be easy. (You’re) going to experience failure (but you) will have to look for the lesson in those setbacks.”

Despite the challenges along the way, number 21 is reminding you that you’re on the right track. You’re going to find purpose – and peace in your life as well.

Number 1212

When you write 21 two times in reverse, you’ll get the significant number that is 1212.

Ever the lucky charm, this digit hints at a spiritual awakening – one that will make a lasting, positive mark on your journey.

Like the number 21, the number 1212 is also a reminder to believe in yourself.

It’s also good to look at the bright side of things for it’s good for your health.

According to psychologist Sarah Pressman:

“Positive emotion changes our stress perception, so stressors don’t seem as bad. It changes how we react to stressors, and it helps us recover.”

Apart from positivity, here are three other messages that the number 1212 has in store for you:

  • Restore your balance
  • Work on your composure
  • Appreciate all the people in your life

Number 1221

Place 21 next to its mirror image, and you have a number that’s just as powerful: 1221.

It’s a sign that you should pursue your dreams today – not tomorrow or the next month. TODAY.

If you see this number, it’s basically your angel telling you to make that big decision.

“Putting things in perspective of what’s at stake for one’s future reminds us how much the little things matter,” explains author Peter Economy.

Changes need to be done, for new adventures lie ahead! Sure, there will be some challenges along the way, but you’ll get through all of them.

Just like the number 21, 1221 is reminding you to always keep positive in life. Remember: you’re not alone, and you’ll find a ‘connection’ (love or otherwise) soon.

Seeing 21, what next?

If you’re constantly seeing 21, then you should heed its message.

You should try to grab the opportunities on the horizon, whether it’s for work or love.

It’s a reminder for you to be positive and independent.

Likewise, it’s telling you to pay more attention to your partner.

If ever you find yourself down because of the obstacles along the way, number 21 is a sign that your prayers are being heard.

Your angel is sending you encouragement and support, but you need to open up your heart to receive them.

21’s messages are great to live by, but you need to remember that everything boils down to you. You – and only you – have the power to live your life the way you see fit.

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