The Angel Number Handbook: A Spiritual Guide to Unlocking Your Potential (eBook)

Did you know that you’ve got a team of angels that support you and love you more than you thought was possible?

There’s a lot we can’t see with the naked eye, but it’s true that we’re guided by angels. These angels have our backs and want the best for us.

Learning how to embrace and acknowledge messages of support and guidance from the angels, you’ll find that you move through life with a greater sense of ease and trust.

Through my new eBook, Angel Numbers: How to Co-Create Your Life with the Angels and Find Your Courage, you’ll not only learn how to connect to your team of guides but you’ll come to realize that you’re more powerful than you know.

About this eBook

Maybe you’ve heard about angel numbers and you’re just curious or perhaps you’ve tuned into various sequences of numbers and you’re wondering what they mean? 

Whatever your reason for gravitating to this eBook, you’ll learn how to become a master decoder of angel numbers as you move through the chapters.

As the founder of, I pour my life experiences with angel numbers into this eBook. I share the fascinating knowledge I’ve accumulated, along with personal stories featuring angel numbers – from the beginning of my journey to the present day. I take you on my journey from realizing my mom was trying to reach me through angel numbers to receiving guidance in the realms of love and work through sequences.

What’s more, I share practical tips for how to translate the messages from the angels into your reality – and how you can take inspired action from the signs. As if that’s not enough, I empower you to realize that you are the decision maker and in the driver’s seat of your life, and that the angels are just there to guide you.  

You’ll come away from this eBook knowing:

  • What angel numbers are – learning the origins of angel numbers and the most popular sequences, you’ll become familiar with the foundation of angel numbers.
  • Angel numbers are forms of guidance – discover how signs from the angels exist to guide and support us through life, so you can live in alignment.
  • How to turn messages into reality – take away practical tips for how to turn messages from the angels into inspired action.

Who is this eBook for? 

Angel numbers can empower all of us to live more inspired and aligned lives, at any point in our journeys. There’s no limits for how angel numbers can support us across different areas of life. 

Naturally, this means no limits for who this eBook can help!

Whether you’ve been seeing sequences for some time and wondering what they mean or have just recently heard about angel numbers from a friend, this eBook will teach you how you can read signs from the angels like a pro. Not only that, the powerful stories I share will leave you feeling inspired and curious, and wanting to go deep on your journey with the angels. 

So, if you’re looking to co-create your life with the power of angels and to develop your own personal language with them – that supports and guides you – this eBook is going to become your secret weapon. 

A comprehensive guide to understanding angel numbers, Angel Numbers: How to Co-Create Your Life with the Angels and Find Your Courage will support you through the next phase of your life so you can live with authenticity.

What you’ll learn  

  • How to read angel numbers: You’ll come to realize that angel numbers can appear in the most unlikely of places – from a car license plate to your radio. But how do you know the numbers you’re seeing are actually angel numbers? This eBook shares the most important and popular sequences you need to look out for (from number 1 up to 1000), and it details the unique and powerful messages they hold.
  • What to do when the angels come calling: When the angels want to get a message through to you, they’ll send signs until you can’t ignore them any longer. Discover how you can go about acknowledging these signs from the angels, and learn what happens next as a result
  • Why angel numbers can deepen your spiritual journey: As you open yourself up to the power of angel numbers and begin to communicate with energies you can’t see, you’ll naturally begin to deepen your spiritual journey, and become more intune with your true nature and what you want for your life. Discover how your spiritual journey might become much deeper and profound as a result of the angels.
  • How to go from messages to action: There’s a process that needs to take place between receiving inspiration and taking action. You’ll learn how to close the gap between receiving guidance and doing something with it, as this book empowers and equips you with the tools and knowledge you need.
  • That you’re more powerful than you know: Guiding us through life and giving us gentle nudges in the right direction, angel numbers are incredibly empowering. But this eBook wants you to learn that ultimately you’re in the driver’s seat of your life, and you’re the one with the power to make decisions. You’ll come away from this eBook with a greater sense of self-trust.