7 signs you’re in love with someone you can’t have


1. Your thoughts are persistently preoccupied

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Persistent preoccupation with someone unattainable can create a mental loop, where thoughts of them dominate your mind like a catchy song, daydreaming about past and future moments, indicating strong feelings that need to be acknowledged.

2. You experience emotional turmoil

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If you find yourself riding an emotional roller coaster with no end in sight, constantly shifting between peaks of euphoria and valleys of despair based on their attention or lack thereof, you are likely experiencing the tumultuous journey of unrequited love.

3. You over-read your spiritual connection

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Be cautious when attributing a spiritual dimension to a connection with someone unattainable, as over-spiritualizing can sometimes mask unrequited love, creating a narrative of destined relationship despite the absence of mutual feelings, potentially obscuring the reality of the situation.

4. You deny what is happening in reality

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Denial serves as a crucial element in the narrative of unrequited love, shielding our hearts from reality by dismissing signs of disinterest or unavailability, as we hold onto fragile hope and selectively interpret their actions to fit our desired story, unequivocally indicating our love for someone we cannot have.

5. Your energy goes haywire when they’re around

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The surge of energy and heightened sensitivity experienced in their presence, with palpitations and an unusual warmth, are not just physical reactions, but manifestations of your energy responding to their magnetic field, serving as a powerful indication of longing for someone unattainable.

6. You romanticize the smallest, insignificant interactions

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Romanticizing even the smallest interactions, finding deep meanings in trivial gestures and casual words, is a telltale sign of being in love with someone unattainable.

7. You receive recurring signs from the universe

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Recurring synchronicities or signs from the universe related to the person you can't have may serve as a catalyst for self-reflection and valuable lessons in the realm of unrequited love.

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