7 signs you’re in love with someone you can’t have

Ever found yourself tangled in a whirlwind of emotions for someone who simply isn’t available? 

If that resonates with you, then we’ve got some exploration to do.

Join us as we delve deep into the labyrinth of unrequited love, unraveling both its emotional and spiritual facets.

Are you ready to navigate these choppy waters and maybe discover some valuable lessons along the way?

Well, let’s dive in then!

1) Your thoughts are persistently preoccupied

Have you ever found yourself locked in a mental loop, completely fixated on that one special someone?

Picture it like this: Their image and words are like a catchy song that’s constantly playing in the background of your mind.

They are the first thought that dances into your mind in the morning and the last one that whispers you to sleep at night.

You can’t help but constantly daydream about them, living out past moments and fantasizing about future ones.

If these scenarios feel all too familiar, it’s time to address the elephant in the room.

You’re experiencing persistent preoccupation, a telltale sign of harboring feelings for someone you can’t have.

2) You experience emotional turmoil

Feel like you’ve been strapped into an emotional roller coaster that’s got no end in sight?

It’s as if you’re constantly shifting between peaks of euphoria and valleys of despair.

Does their slightest attention make your heart flutter and their silence make it sink?

If a text from them brightens your day like the sun peeking out from behind the clouds, and their lack of response feels like a looming storm, you’re in the midst of emotional turmoil.

This roller coaster ride of emotions is a common companion of unrequited love.

3) You over-read your spiritual connection

Sometimes, the connection with the person you can’t have takes on an almost spiritual dimension.

You might start interpreting this bond as something deeper—maybe a soulmate relationship or a fateful twin flame encounter.

But here’s where caution is essential:

Over-spiritualizing a connection can also be a mask for unrequited love.

It’s like painting a picture of a destined relationship, even when feelings aren’t mutually shared. 

If you’re discerning cosmic significance in this connection without a mirrored emotional commitment, it may be a sign of unrequited love.

Rather than a genuine spiritual bond, this could be a veil that’s obscuring the reality of your situation.

4) You deny what is happening in reality

In the narrative of unrequited love, denial often plays a pivotal role.

It’s our heart’s defense mechanism, our shelter against the harsh winds of reality.

You might find yourself ignoring or dismissing clear signs that they’re not interested or unavailable.

Perhaps you’re holding onto a threadbare hope that they will eventually reciprocate your feelings.

This selective interpretation of their actions and words, to fit the story you desire, is denial in action.

And, let’s be clear, it’s a key sign that you’re in love with someone you can’t have.

5) Your energy goes haywire when they’re around

Have you ever noticed a surge of energy or a peculiar shift when they’re around?

It’s as if your internal compass goes wild, caught in their magnetic field.

Heightened sensitivity, palpitations, or an odd warmth spreading through you.

These are not mere physical reactions. They’re your energy responding to their presence.

This energetic tumult, particularly around them, is a strong indicator of longing for someone unattainable.

6) You romanticize the smallest, insignificant interactions

There’s a beautiful yet poignant aspect to unrequited love—the art of romanticizing even the most insignificant interactions.

A casual conversation becomes an intimate heart-to-heart, an offhand compliment turns into a declaration of love.

You find yourself extracting profound meanings from their trivial gestures or casual words.

If you’re embroidering a love story out of ordinary exchanges, it’s a classic sign of being in love with someone you can’t have.

7) You receive recurring signs from the universe

Stepping into the spiritual realm, another sign is the recurring synchronicities or signs you perceive from the universe.

Perhaps you constantly stumble upon their name, or you consistently see numbers or symbols that remind you of them.

Maybe songs they like are frequently played wherever you go.

While the universe does communicate through synchronicities, it’s important to discern their true meaning.

If you’re seeing recurring signs related to the person you can’t have, it might not necessarily mean you’re destined to be together.

It could be the universe nudging you to confront your feelings and learn valuable lessons from this unrequited love situation.

Is unrequited love a path to spiritual growth?

Unrequited love, while painful, can surprisingly be a path to spiritual growth.

It can compel you to dive deep into your feelings and confront your vulnerabilities.

It’s in this exploration where you may discover the facets of your love that stem from your needs or insecurities.

Learning to accept the situation and release your longing can be an immensely spiritual process of self-discovery and acceptance.

How to navigate the journey of unrequited love?

Navigating the turbulent waters of unrequited love can be challenging, but not impossible.

Take note of these tips when you’re struggling with your journey:

  • Begin by acknowledging your feelings and the reality of the situation.
  • Practice self-care and maintain your emotional and mental well-being.
  • Seek support from loved ones or professionals if needed.
  • Engage in activities that uplift you and help you maintain your identity beyond this unrequited love.
  • Remember that it’s okay to grieve the love that couldn’t be. It’s a testament to your capacity to love deeply.

Keep these in mind, and you’ll find peace in no time.

Final words

Unrequited love is a complex, often painful, yet transformative journey.

While the experience can be incredibly challenging, it holds the potential to unlock depths of self-understanding and personal growth.

Take note: Every emotion you feel, every longing you experience, serves as a mirror, reflecting essential truths about you and your needs.

As you traverse this challenging terrain, remind yourself that this experience is not a dead-end, but a stepping stone leading you towards a greater understanding of love and, most importantly, of yourself.

Love wisely, love courageously, and above all, love yourself.


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Tina Fey

Tina Fey

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